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Wendy Williams' Best Friend Reveals the Star's Isolation

Wendy Williams’ Best Friend Reveals the Star’s Isolation

Wendy Williams’ best friend, Regina Schell, has come forward to discuss the former daytime talk show host’s isolation. According to Regina, Wendy has been forced into silence, leaving many close family and friends clueless about her current state.

Regina and Wendy have been friends for an impressive 44 years. During the summer of 2022, Regina lived with Wendy to assist her with various matters. Now, Regina is in the dark about her friend’s well-being.

“I want people to know that Wendy is a real person, and this is not some karma is a b***h thing,” Regina said of her friend. “Talking is Wendy’s life; her whole claim to fame is talking, and I don’t think she would be this quiet unless she was forced to be quiet.”

The public hasn’t heard from Wendy Williams in over a year. Lifetime’s docuseries, “Where Is Wendy Williams?” showcases some of the last moments she was in contact with her family and friends.

Wendy Williams | YouTube
Wendy Williams | YouTube

An additional source close to Wendy stated that before her disappearance, she was outspoken about the issues with her guardianship.

“There is no way in h*** that she would not have responded to that Lifetime documentary, with all her family members appearing in it,” the insider stated. “Wendy would have had something to say about all of that, without a doubt.”

Regina Schell emphasizes the growing concern as no one has been asking questions about Wendy’s well-being since May 2023.

“Where is Wendy and why is no one asking that question? And why is no one answering that question? Why can’t they produce Wendy, or an actual statement from Wendy, or a picture of Wendy? Where is Wendy?!” Regina questioned. “I haven’t spoken to my friend in over a year now, someone I used to talk to five times a day.”

During the summer of 2022, Regina stayed with Wendy on and off as she was dealing with a myriad of health issues and the potential loss of The Wendy Williams Show. “I stayed with Wendy from June of 2022 until August,” Regina explained.

She continued, “I left briefly and returned in September. Wendy came out to California in October; then I went back to New York in December.”

Where Is Wendy Williams - Lifetime
Where Is Wendy Williams – Lifetime

Then, in spring 2023, Wendy vanished entirely. Recently, her New York penthouse was sold, and she is reportedly at an undisclosed location “receiving the care she requires.”

Wendy’s best friend is not alone in her concerns. Wendy’s sister, Wanda, has also expressed her worries, asking, “How the h*** did we get here?”

The only person with knowledge of Wendy’s whereabouts is her court-appointed guardian, Sabrina Morrissey. “All I know is that Wendy and her team walked into the courtroom one way, and they walked out, and the family is completely excluded,” Wendy’s sister Wanda said.

Both Wanda and Regina believe that Wendy should be surrounded by family and friends, especially given her medical diagnosis. It is troubling for Regina as well, as she hasn’t heard from her friend, who once called her five times a day, in over a year.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

“She’s somewhere that she can’t reach a phone because Wendy can always get to a phone. If she could get to a phone, she’d be calling me,” Regina insisted. “There’s no sign of her beyond a statement that doesn’t sound like her at all, and why hasn’t a medical team come forward to discuss her dementia diagnosis?”

There are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding Wendy Williams’ situation. When her family will receive answers remains uncertain.

You can purchase “Where Is Wendy Williams?” for streaming on Amazon Prime and other platforms.

Source: Lifetime, Amazon Prime