What are Lady Loki’s goals and who does she seek revenge on?

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The series of Loki on the streaming service Disney+ introduced us to a new figure within the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Lady Loki. Much has been said about her and who she really is, after confusion about her identity. That’s why we’ll go over what his intentions are within the show and who he’s fighting against.

If it is as the name implies and as the viewers called it from the beginning, we are talking about Lady Sif possessed by Thor’s brother, after Ragnarok. After his appearance, he begins to meet other Marvel villains, such as Doctor Doom, Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers.

At the end of chapter 2, more precisely in the credits of the Spanish dubbing, we notice that she is identified as “Sylvie”. From this data we begin to theorize that we are actually in the presence of Sylvie lushton, who is created by Loki in Dark Reign: Young Avengers # 1 and goes by the name Enchantress / Enchantress.

+ What are your goals?

In the show we see that he uses apocalyptic moments throughout history to hide from the Temporal Variation Authority. As we saw, it was collecting reboot loaders to achieve its mission: dynamite the timeline established by the Guardians of Time and generate parallel timelines that would give rise to the Multiverse.

+ Who is he seeking revenge on?

When he lets his face see before the God of Deception, Lady Loki (o Sylvie Lushton) dice: “This is not about you”, so we understand that he’s not looking for the MCU show’s lead. It is still unknown who he seeks revenge on, but they will surely give us answers in the episode 3, which will arrive on Wednesday, June 23.

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