What are the 10 Magical Uses of Kitchen Paper Towels?

If you are used to staying in the kitchen or helping with the preparation of dishes, then you will notice the presence of kitchen paper: its large size, its cardboard cone and its rectangular cellulose sheets make it evident.

Given this, the question arises. What can I clean with this utensil? Does it leave the microwave spotless?

Just like microfiber cloths or yellow cloths from the laundry room, kitchen paper is widely used by housewives. Among its many functions, there is one that you must except: the replacement of toilet paper. It is not recommended to use it because its sheets do not compress well with the toilet drainage system and will easily cause clogging.

You have to know that kitchen paper is made from virgin or recycled cellulose, in addition, this kind of product is thicker than usual. It is very resistant and absorbent. Its work in drying dishes or containers is indisputable, it is also often used for quick drying of hands as it does not leave traces due to friction.

How to use kitchen paper?

Leaves mirrors spotless: you can mix a little water, vinegar and lemon, this solution will be spread on glasses to be rubbed by kitchen paper. Do not forget about its subsequent drying leaves that are dry; You will see how they are shiny.

Clean the blinds: it is possible to use this paper to clean the blinds from end to end, and you can even get a knife to press and reach the most remote places of the mechanism. Of course, at first we use a damp paper and then a dry one.

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Leave the microwave neat: if you use this appliance often, then you will see how its interior can accumulate grease and food remains. Use a paste made from water and lemon, and let it rest in its interior cabin for 5 minutes. After this time, we are going to use some kitchen paper to remove the remnants from its walls and the platform.

Pick up oil spills: this is the most common use of kitchen paper, but it is just as useful. Its absorbent power will make collecting the oil easy. If there is impregnated grease on some surfaces, it is best that you use the slightly damp paper before.

Leave faucets sparkling: moisten a little kitchen paper with vinegar and wrap the faucets well with this trick: just leave the wrap for 30 minutes. Then, you will see how with a simple rinse, the bacterial stains will be gone, and they will also look bright and of a homogeneous color.

Use it with frozen bread: you can wrap a bread with this paper and then put it in the refrigerator. In this way, the absorption of bad odors and humidity will be more effective, and it will prevent hateful fungus from appearing among your frozen foods.

Did you find this homemade trick interesting and did you learn a little more about cleaning and caring for your home without investing a lot of money? Like this ‘hack’, there is another type of utility that you will like. We invite you to get to know them and put them into practice.

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