What are the four new safe corridors between Santa Cruz and Chile that the Government has enabled

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The National Government enabled as safe corridors four land border crossings between Santa Cruz and Chile. The measure was published in the official gazette and has the signatures of the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

The crossings enabled in Administrative Decision 1237/2021 are the “so-called Don Guillermo River, Austral Integration, Dorotea and Jeinimeni River”. The request to enable safe corridors was previously submitted by Governor Alicia Kirchner and accepted by the National Executive.

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The province has the necessary resources to provide answers to potential health problems ”, was the argument that the National Government used to accept Alicia Kirchner’s request.

The governor of Santa Cruz confirmed that her province has “competent personnel, as well as ability to perform health checks and adequate diagnostic methods, in case the situation warrants it ”.

On December 14, the Comandante Armando Tola International Airport, from the town of El Calafate, in the same province.

Government requirements in the new safe corridors

  • People entering the country must have complete the vaccination schedule at least 14 days before your arrival and they will have to present proof of their vaccination to the respective controls. In the case of those who have been inoculated abroad, they must have the proof validated by the country that carried out the vaccination.
  • Non-resident foreigners, adults, Without a complete or unvaccinated scheme, they will not be able to enter the country.
  • A proof of the Negative PCR at origin made within 72 hours prior to entering the country.
  • Non-resident foreigners will have to possess a health insurance COVID-19 with coverage of hospitalization services, isolation and / or medical transfers, for those who are positive cases, suspects or close contacts.
  • Daily quota of entry of tourists from maximum 200 people in the corridors Austral Integration and Río Don Guillermo due to the proximity to hospitals.
  • Daily quota of entry of tourists from maximum 100 people for runners Dorotea and Rio Jeinimeni due to its proximity to health centers.
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What are the four new safe corridors between Santa Cruz and Chile

  • Don Guillermo River: land border crossing that unites Turbio River (Argentina) with Torres del Paine (Chile).
  • Austral Integration: border land crossing that unites Gallegos River (Argentina) with Punta Arenas (Chile)
  • Dorotea: border land crossing that unites Turbio River (Argentina) with Puerto Natales (Chile).
  • Jeinimeni River: border land crossing that unites The Ancients (Argentina) with Chile Chico (Chile).

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