Best Coffee for Home: What Are the Methods of Home Brew and the Most Popular Brands of Coffee?

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There is nothing like a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee lovers can in fact enjoy the beverage anytime during the day: with friends, colleagues, and partners. Freshly roasted dark coffee in the evening can charge up their batteries after returning from work. We all love coffee, whether it is instant, iced, cold brew, with sugar and cream, or French press. Luckily, there are many coffee brands we can choose from.

Even Starbucks and Lavazza will agree that homemade coffee can often be very good. Of course, we need to select the best coffee for homebrew.

In this guide, we will take a look at the best coffee for home, their brewing process and special features. We will also focus on the best brands in each section. Happy reading and happy brewing!

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee has many names. It is also called powdered coffee, soluble coffee, and coffee crystals. It is extremely popular worldwide and many believe that in some countries it accounts for at least 50 percent of the coffee consumption. This coffee is developed from dried and brewed coffee beans that are usually of a low-quality Robusta variety.

Instant coffee is cheap coffee. It is also faster and easier to make, which is why it has become so popular.

The beans are first roasted and then grinded into a powder-like form. Their water content is then stripped off through the brewing process, which leaves behind the extract. The dehydration process involves spraying or freezing with liquid coffee concentrate in a high environment, which gives crystallized coffee. Finally, the granules are once again treated for the removal of any remaining water. This also preserves the coffee flavor. This process was invented by the chemist from Japan, Satori Kato.

This type of coffee contains less caffeine, which makes it a better choice for people who must restrict their intake of caffeine. It may also improve metabolism, brain functions, reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, improve liver health, and even promote longevity. However, most of these findings are observational. Very few detailed clinical studies have been conducted.

Here is the brewing process of instant coffee – 

  • Mix two teaspoons of the coffee with half cup of hot water
  • Next, heat the water until you see it boiling
  • Now stir the hot water and coffee together
  • The coffee granules should dissolve completely
  • You can add sugar if you want

You can drink coffee in a cup or glass. You can also drink iced coffee. 

There are possibly hundreds of instant brands all over the world. The most popular instant coffee brands are Nescafé Azera, Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee, and Mount Hagen Organic.

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is the material that is prepared for brewing by being ground or crushed. There are many coffee brewing methods and tools, including blenders, electric grinders, pestles and mortar, and even food processors that can be used. Once you have processed through any of these devices, what you will get it the ‘ground coffee’.

Nespresso coffee machine: professional coffee maker for home

The grinding process improves the coffee flavor because the fresher it is, the better will be the brew. This means, your grinded cup of coffee will always be more flavorful. Most instant coffees taste more bitter compared to ground coffee. However, the instant variety is still popular because of the convenience it offers to the coffee drinkers.

  • Coffee Machine – This is an appliance for brewing coffee. There are many types of coffee machines or coffee makers and they apply different brewing principles. However, in most of these appliances, the ground coffee will be placed in a metal or paper filters within a funnel that is kept over a ceramic or glass coffee pot. Cold water will then be poured into another chamber. It will then be boiled and sent into a funnel. This process is known as automatic drip-brew.
  • Coffee Capsules – Coffee capsules or pods are ready-to-use sachets that can be used in the professional coffee maker for home. You can only use a pod once, so you won’t lose the flavor, intensity, or aroma even after opening. They can be used in many ways. You can use a pod in a coffee machine that takes pods, the Nespresso machine, and you can also prepare the best coffee without a coffee maker as well. You will find different coffee pods in the online coffee shop.
  • French Press – The French Press, also called coffee plunger or coffee press is a brewing device. This is a portable device. You will also find travel-friendly versions. It has a plunger, a cylindrical carafe, and a built-in filter. The press uses boiled water for steeping coarse grinds. You can also use it for a cold brew. For example, you can use the Coffee Bros. Cold Brew Blend on the press, which many believe is the best coffee for cold brew.
  • How to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker – First, pour water into your saucepan or in a pot. Stir in the coffee grounds. Make sure that your burner on medium-high. Now, boil the coffee for a couple of minutes, while stirring occasionally. Take out from the heat. Finally, pour the coffee slowly from your pan to your cup.

Coffee Beans

Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia are the world’s top coffee producing countries that provide various types of coffee beans. 

Fresh coffee beans

The four most common types are: 

  1. Arabica Coffee (Coffea Arabica) – This is the most popular type that accounts for almost 60 percent of all coffee worldwide. The beans originally came from the Ethiopian highlands. They are considered to be the best-quality beans because of their smooth flavor.
  1. Robusta Coffee Bean (Coffea Caniphora) – This variety came from sub-Saharan Africa but is now grown in many parts of Africa and also in Indonesia. In Vietnam, it is mixed to create coffee blends. Robusta coffee has a bitterer and harsher flavor. Its smell is also stronger. It is less expensive and a budget-friendly option for home coffee makers.
  1. Liberica (Coffea Liberica) – This variety is native to western and central Africa, particularly Liberia. It is bold and smoky. Many coffee drinkers love its unusual woody and nutty flavor.
  1. Excelsa (Coffea Excelsa) – These beans are grown in Southeast Asia and their shape is like Liberica. The best quality fair trade certified Excelsea beans have a unique flavor. Fruity flavors and tart notes are combined with dark roasts. The aroma is lighter.

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee, whether you prefer simple machine brewing or a more complicated preparation method. Use the beans or instant coffee of any company you like. Go for any preparation method that is convenient for you. What’s important is that you enjoy your coffee drinking experience.

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