What are the most successful mobile games? Genshin Impact, Pokémon GO …

What are the most successful mobile games?  Genshin Impact, Pokémon GO ...

The mobile market has become one of the most emerging and profitable for companies immersed in the video game sector. The App Store of iOS and Google Play in the case of Android, they are the dominant methods of an industry that does not stop growing. The latest monthly report from Sensor Tower break down the ten video games with the highest turnover of last July, with interesting data that reflect current reality and trends.

Free Fire goes down; Genshin Impact and Pokémon GO rise in the ranking

The first conclusion we can reach, to the surprise of very few, is that all the video games that appear in the rankings, both total and divided by operating system, are free-to-play; another way of referring to works that are free to download but supported by a business model based on microtransactions. Well be kind until, clothed in loot boxes or other methods that seek the fidelity, recurrence Y addiction, titles like PUBG Mobile make it clear that Tencent has a privileged situation. Sumo $ 299 million only in July (26.7% monthly growth; 68.4% of revenues from China). For its part, Honor of Kings accumulated 231 million dollars.

It is battle royale could not compete with Fortnite on consoles; However, on mobile devices it is PUBG that takes the cake. Accompanied by Honor of Kings in the first two positions, that domain in the App Store (where most of their income comes from) serves to place them ahead of Genshin Impact and Pokémon GO, third and fourth, respectively.

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Pokémon GO records its fifth best month in history

It is remarkable how loyal Android players continue to be to Pokémon GO, second in Google Play despite being five years old. Coaches continue to invest millions of dollars a month; even above titans like Garena Free Fire, which in Latin America and India is one of the most played titles. With these data, Pokémon GO signs its fifth best historical month with $ 150.4 million. We remember that in July the Pokémon GO Fest was held, a massive event that is held once a year.

It should also be noted How different are the trends of iPhone and iPad players compared to Android. If in one works such as Roblox or PUBG itself stand out, on Android the dominators are Coin Master, Pokémon GO and Garena Free Fire. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle it sneaks into the ninth place on Android and is Bandai Namco’s most successful video game on smartphones.

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