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What Became of Bailee Madison?

While many high school students focus on exams, afterschool jobs, post-graduation plans, and prom dates, Bailee Madison’s teenage years took a different path. In 2016, she began exploring a career in production. Her first credit as a producer was for “Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket,” an adventure mystery film in which she also starred. The following year, she worked on another project, “A Cowgirl’s Story.”

In 2017, Madison spoke with Just Jared Jr. about her experience juggling multiple roles while making “A Cowgirl’s Story.” She explained, “While the scene was happening, [I’d] worry about my acting, the rest of the actors, make sure everyone was hitting their marks, hear a line, and make a mental note to rewrite it; in addition to wondering if our horses need a break, if our crew is good, and if we are on time.”

Madison took on another dual role as both actor and co-producer in 2021 with Netflix’s faith-based musical “A Week Away.” Speaking to Peer Magazine at the time, she shared, “This [has] genuinely been the most hands-on I have been able to be. That is the biggest props to our producing team… They beautifully pulled up a seat for me to sit at. It is a big kid table. Through that, it allowed me to really find my voice when it comes to being a woman behind the scenes and behind the camera.”

Source: Just Jared Jr., Peer Magazine