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What Became of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders After the Show?

What Became of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders After the Show?

If you’ve recently binged America’s Sweethearts on Netflix, you’re likely wondering what the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders from last season are up to now. The seven-episode series chronicled their 2023 season, showcasing their auditions, activities between games, and the season’s conclusion where they decided whether or not to return. Out of the 36 women on the squad, the show focuses on a select few. Here’s an update on what they have been doing since the show ended.

One of the rookie cheerleaders who drew a lot of attention was Reece Weaver. This past April, she tied the knot with her fiancé Will, who was also featured on the show.

Anna tends to remain fairly quiet on social media. Her participation in the show was highlighted because her sister, who had been on the squad previously, was unable to make the team last season due to an injury.

Her sister Caroline is now selling medical equipment in the Dallas area.

Kat stood out for speaking openly about the pay the cheerleaders received. Though she was not part of the squad during the show’s filming, she continues to help as a coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC). Kat is also a realtor in North Texas.

Victoria emerged as a fan favorite in the show. She had a challenging season in 2023 and barely made the squad. Hopes for advancement next year didn’t materialize, and Victoria has since moved to New York City, aiming to become a Rockette for the Christmas season. Her high kicks are sure to impress.

Camille, another cheerleader from the show, is also relatively inactive on social media. She earned the Rookie of the Year title on the show and is planning to return next year.

Sophy Laufer had perhaps the most genuine and difficult moment on the show. During one of the games, she alleged she was groped by a photographer on the sidelines. Although she tried to press charges, the Arlington Police Department stated there wasn’t enough video evidence to act. Despite this ordeal, Sophy intends to return next year.

Kelcey Wetterberg had one of the season’s notable storylines. She knew it would be her fifth and final year as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She often mentored the younger cheerleaders on how to succeed as a DCC. In the season finale, Kelcey got engaged and recently picked out her dream wedding dress.

Unfortunately, not everyone made the team. Kelly was one of the cheerleaders who were cut before the season began. However, she isn’t giving up and is officially trying out for the 2024 squad.

Charly, who was also cut from the team, is following a similar path and plans to audition for the 2024 season as well.

Anisha Kurukulasuriya, another cut from the squad, does not intend to try out again this season. Presently, she teaches Bollywood-style dance classes in Dallas.

While Ari didn’t make it onto the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, she still found her way into the NFL. After being cut from the show, she became a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. It’s uncertain whether she’ll stay with the Dolphins or try out for the Dallas team again. She had been criticized for being too tall, a factor beyond her control.

Madeline Salter comes from a line of cheerleaders, as her mother was also a DCC. Planning to return for her fourth year, she aims to try out again in 2024.

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Source: US Weekly