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What Became of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders After the Show?

What Became of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders After the Show?

If you recently watched America’s Sweethearts on Netflix and are curious about what the squad from the last season is up to now, check it out here.

By now, you have probably finished the seven-episode series on Netflix that followed the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders through the 2023 season. The series showcased the audition process, what the squad does between games, and concluded with whether they decide to return for another season or not. A total of 36 women made the squad, but the show focused on a select few. Here is what they have been up to since the show ended.

One rookie cheerleader that gained a lot of attention was Reece Weaver. This past April, she married her fiancé Will, who was also featured on the show.

Anna has been relatively quiet on social media. On the show, she was featured prominently because her sister was previously on the squad. Unfortunately, Anna’s sister was unable to make the squad last season due to an injury. Now, Anna’s sister Caroline is selling medical equipment in the Dallas area.

Kat was the most vocal about the pay the cheerleaders received. Although she was not on the squad during the show’s filming, she still helps out as a coordinator for DCC. Additionally, she is a realtor in North Texas.

If you rooted for a cheerleader on the show, it was likely Victoria. She faced many challenges during the 2023 season and barely made the squad. Hoping for advancement next year, Victoria has now moved to New York City, aiming to become a Rockette during the Christmas season. Given her performance on the show, she seems more than capable of nailing the high kicks.

Camille is another cheerleader who is fairly quiet on social media. She was named Rookie of the Year on the show and plans to return next season.

Sophy had one of the most real moments on the show. During one game, she claimed she was groped by a photographer on the sidelines. Although she attempted to press charges, the Arlington Police Department stated that there was not enough video evidence to take action. The cameras captured everything Sophy went through, and despite this incident, she intends to return next year.

One of the major storylines of the season was Kelcey Wetterberg. It was her fifth and final year as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Throughout the season, she shared valuable advice with the younger girls on how to succeed as a DCC. She was considered the go-to cheerleader whenever issues arose. In the final episode, we saw her get engaged. Just a week ago, she picked out her dream dress.

Not everyone makes the team, and sadly one of the cheerleaders who was cut before the season was Kelly. She isn’t giving up, though, as she is officially trying out for the 2024 team.

Charly was another cheerleader who was cut from the show. Like Kelly, she is also trying out for the 2024 season.

Anisha Kurukulasuriya was another cheerleader cut from the team and will not be returning for another tryout this season. She now teaches Bollywood-style dancing classes in Dallas.

Although she didn’t make it onto the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Ari still made it to the NFL. After being cut on the Netflix show, she became a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. It is unclear if she plans to stay with the Dolphins or try out in Dallas again. She was criticized for being too tall, which is not something easily changed.

Madeline Salter is another cheerleader whose mom was also on the team in previous years. She plans to try out for the 2024 team, which would be her fourth year on the squad.

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Source: US Weekly