What Clothes Does a Newborn Need in Winter?

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The birth of a baby brings a lot of joy, excitement, and pleasant worries. Choosing the first wardrobe for a newborn is not an easy and important task, especially if the baby is born in winter. Constant changes in temperature conditions oblige parents to foresee all possible situations.

What Clothes Are Important to Buy?

The most relevant outfit for the early days is a romper for baby boy or girl. The most convenient is the form of a jumpsuit or the one with clasps over the shoulder. Other comfy and necessary items include:

  • Thick and thin bodysuits. Thanks to a convenient button-fastener, changing your baby’s clothes or a diaper will not be difficult and inconvenient.
  • Slips for the winter. It is better to choose those made of fleece.
  • Undershirts. Both thin and dense are needed.
  • Socks and caps should be made from lightweight knitted fabric, as well as an insulated flip-flop cap.


How to Dress a Newborn in Winter?

The optimum temperature in the room should be 20-22 ℃. Comfort and coziness for a child at such a temperature regime will be provided by a slip with socks or sliders with a jacket. They can be replaced with a set of bodysuits, pants, and socks.

First, it is better to wear a thin hat or cap. Clothes usually have to be changed often, so it is better to get several items. A supply of thick and thin diapers is required, as well as a blanket and a light bedspread.

For daytime sleep, a child needs the same clothes as for active pastime. At night, the same rules apply, but it is impossible to constantly monitor the child’s condition. Therefore, clothes for the night should be as comfortable as possible so that they do not twist, do not press and rub the delicate skin. Slips, bodysuits, thin overalls, undershirts, and romper sets will maintain body temperature and ensure comfortable sleep.

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How Many Items Do You Need to Make a Complete Winter Wardrobe for a Newborn?

You need at least the following set:

  • One item of the outwear;
  • Two pieces of hats, scarves, mittens, they get dirty fast and sometimes get lost;
  • Clothes that make up the second, warm layer: You need to have two or even three sets.
  • Cotton hats or caps, anti-scratches, light, and warm socks – 4-5 pieces or sets;
  • Bodysuits, undershirts, slips, sliders, sweaters are purchased for possible renewal up to 5-6 times a day.

The closer the clothing is to the child’s body, the higher the requirements for their quality. The first layer should only be made from natural materials, preferably cotton. It is also better to complete the second layer with things made from natural raw materials – cotton or merino wool. Such clothes are non-allergenic and safe to use.

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