What Did Preston Roberts Die Of?

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Preston Roberts Die

Preston Roberts of the Mountain Men died on July 24, 2017, surrounded by his wife and family. He was 60 years old at the time. Roberts was noted for his relentless devotion to educating, motivating, and creating and his love of the outdoors.

“Preston was as practical as he was artistic, and across any chasm, he would find a way to create a bridge whose quality was equaled only by its beauty,” according to an essay published in Preston’s honor by the Turtle Island Preserve. In this outdoor education camp, he worked. His life and soul are imbued throughout Turtle Island, in the structures, rituals, land, and even the misty mountain air.”

Mountain Men is a documentary that examines the lives and challenges of numerous families living off the grid. Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Maine, and North Carolina are all included in the series. Mountain Men Season 6 premiered on June 8, 2017.

Who Died On Mountain Men?

‘Mountain Men’ depicts the arduous trials that individuals living in the woods encounter. These people live in remote areas and rely on their knowledge, survival skills, and natural resources to make a life. They are often compelled to deal with dangerous weather or other problems that might jeopardize their lives.

However, most of the cast members are experienced survivalists who are well-versed in dealing with such scenarios. Even though no one has died due to the show’s obstacles, a primary cast member passed away in 2017. Preston Roberts, who frequently appeared on the program with his dear buddy Eustace Conway, is no longer with us.

How Did Preston Roberts Die?

Preston Roberts initially appears in season one’s third episode, ‘Lost.’ Roberts and his friendship with Conway highlight the show’s first six seasons. The two men had been friends for a long time and had assisted one other through tough emotional or financial times. Roberts, a fiery personality, was born in Westfield, New Jersey, on July 17, 1957, and raised in Brevard, North Carolina. From an early age, he was enamored with travel and adventure. Before attending Appalachian State University, he attended Atlantic Christian College.

Roberts taught at the Wikes County School for about twenty-five years, passing his survival knowledge and abilities to his pupils. When he wasn’t working on the reality show, he co-founded the Turtle Island Preserve, an outdoor education facility where he spent most of his time. Roberts died on July 24, 2017, a week after turning sixty, surrounded by his beloved wife Kathleen, three children, and Conway.

Roberts had been diagnosed with cancer, and the resultant growth in his liver produced complications that led to his death. Roberts was honored in a memorial ceremony at Turtle Island Preserve. He is laid to repose at Boone’s Morning Watch Hill Cemetery. Roberts’ last appearance on the program comes in the sixth season finale, titled ‘To Everything There Is a Season.’ The show has paid respect to the former cast member, dedicating most of the episodes he featured in during Season 6 to his memory.

The Turtle Island Preserve carries on his legacy. Eustace Conway, Roberts’ closest buddy, sent a touching message to his dear mate on Facebook. Roberts will be remembered as a kind human being who lived life to the fullest, not only for his time on the program.

A Go Fund Me Page In Preston’s Honor Has Raised Over $110,382

Preston’s family has set up a Go Fund Me website to assist pay for medical bills, a memorial service, and the family’s leaky roof.

The page has raised almost $110,300 so far. It is still operational. You may donate by going here. Over 2,500 friends, relatives, and fans have contributed to Preston’s family’s fundraising efforts. According to Eustace Conway, the Roberts’ roof was fixed in August using funds raised via a Go Fund Me website.

He Was An Art Teacher For 25 Years And Was Twice Named Teacher Of The Year

According to the Journal Patriot, Preston taught art in Wilkes County schools for 25 years. He was named teacher of the year twice and retired in 2010.

“Preston was a brilliant instructor, a real gentleman, and a friend to us all,” said Eric Barker, the school’s transportation director, following Roberts’ death. “He just brought out the best in his pupils, particularly their creativity reflected in his creative projects,” he said. You wanted to hear what he had to say when he had anything to say. His education and personal perspective would benefit the school and community.”

Roberts studied art education at Appalachian State University after attending Atlantic Christian College. At the time of his death, he was also a member of the Turtle Island Preserve Board of Directors, which he co-founded with Eustace.

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