“What do the feminazis say?”: Colombian senator criticizes another for a photo ‘at the feet’ of Marulanda, and this explains “the truth” behind the image

The right-wing senator María Fernanda Cabal made a macho comment against the left-wing parliamentarian, Sandra Ramírez, after sharing the photo of the former combatant touching the foot of the late Manuel Marulanda, co-founder and leader of the defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). ).

Cabal, who had been profiled as a possible presidential candidate for the Centro Democrático Uribe party, posted on the social network Twitter an image of Ramírez leaning and touching Marulanda’s foot. The photograph was accompanied by the phrase: “What do feminists / feminazis say about the ‘male oppressor’? Oh my God, live to see!”

The response of Ramírez, who accepted the 2016 Peace Agreement and participated in the 2018 legislative elections, was immediate. In a series of trills, he accused Cabal of having used that photograph to “destroy peace“through” lies and slander “.

The senator of the ruling Democratic Center, who had to give up her presidential bid to the right-wing Óscar Iván Zuluaga, now an official candidate of Uribism, had threatened in a public act, in October, with repeal the Peace Agreement because in his opinion “in law, everything is undone as it is done”.

What does the photo mean?

Ramírez, who joined the ranks of the FARC in 1981 and remained in that insurgent group until the signing of the Peace Agreement, explained “the truth” behind the controversial photo with Marulanda.

“It was 1985, I worked as a nurse within the guerrilla and the regularly performed cures on Manuel’s foot, since some time ago he had suffered an accident in a finger cutting firewood, “explained the senator of the Comunes party and former combatant.

For Ramírez, Cabal’s comment – who is the wife of the president of the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen, José Félix Lafaurie – shows that the right-wing parliamentarian is bothered to see “ordinary people working together and not at the service of landowners.”

“They would like us peasants to not be able to study, they would like us to be just servants of their estates because that is what those who have never earned their bread with their sweat think,” he added.

In the same way, the senator of the Comunes party vowed the failure of “those who yearn for war”, since she assured that the armed conflict is the perfect excuse for practices such as land grabbing to be perpetuated.

The country needs another way, a path that between all of us will build at the polls next year, “he said with reference to the 2022 presidential elections, where the Comunes party could join the Pacto Histórico bloc that supports the opposition candidate Gustavo Petro.

Last week marked the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Peace Agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC. The anniversary took place in a climate of worsening violence, as a result of conflicts over territorial control of armed groups and criminal organizations, and complaints of State inaction in the face of the systematic murders of social leaders and ex-combatants in rural areas of Colombia.

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