What do the songs of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel mean

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One of the key points that characterizes The Money Heist is his soundtrack. Since its first season, the series created by Alex Pina he had a very precise selection of music. With few songs, this original fiction of Netflix managed to refloat old songs and create hits. Bella Ciao, is a perfect example of it. However, four other songs were very loud in volume 1 of the fifth season. Here we detail what they are and why they work so well.

+ 4 songs that sound in La Casa de Papel

4. Heart

Jaime Lorente, the actor who plays Denver on The Money Heist, recently began his solo career. And although you have not heard this song specifically in the Netflix series, it does sound in the special From Tokyo to Berlin, which shows the behind-the-scenes of the filming of the fifth season. The artist interprets the theme and assures that, when writing it, he felt that his experiences on the set were captured. “How many hearts, how many lives there are. How much heart and how much life do I have. Shoot me, to have me kill me. It turns out that I have no owner”, It reads in its chorus and could perfectly allude to the last minutes of life of Úrsula Corberó’s character.

3. My Life is Going On

You have heard this song if or if at least once in your life. And it is that with this track, Álex Pina’s fiction begins its episodes. As the opening credits roll by, the voice of Cecilia Krull singing the piece composed by Manel Santisteban. Although its tone sounds quite negative, the truth is that it has a very positive message that represents the robbers.

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His lyrics translate: “If I stay with you, if I’m choosing wrong, I don’t care at all. If I’m losing now, but I’ll win later, that’s all I want. Whatever happens in the future, trust destiny. Don’t try to do anything else, even when you feel like it. I wasted my time, my life goes on”.

2. Friday I’m In Love

In 1992, The Cure premiered this song that is part of the album Wish. And the creators of the Netflix series did not miss the opportunity to include it in one of its episodes. In it they combine all the factors that make fiction: the passing of the days inside the bank, the robbers’ ability to always go ahead and the love that inevitably are had between all the members of the band.

I don’t care if Monday is blue, Tuesday is gray, and Wednesday is too. Thursday I don’t worry about you, it’s Friday who I’m in love with”, Sings the musical group. And he goes back to: “Monday, you can fall apart. Tuesday and Wednesday break my heart. Thursday doesn’t even start, it’s Friday who I’m in love with. Saturday waits and Sunday is always too late”.

1. Grândola Vila Morena

For the last minutes of the final chapter, Cecilia Krull’s voice closes a cycle and reappears singing this song. From the April 25, 1974, Grândola Vila Morena It has been reproduced as a way of manifesting the revolution, since the first time it sounded was during the Carnation Revolution. In this way, the series dismisses its great heroine, Tokio, who decides to sacrifice herself to help her life companions.

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