What does Lorena Meritano respond when they say ugly on social networks

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Lorena They deserve, who became internationally known for her great portrayal of Dinora Rosales in “Passion of Hawks”, A role that served her to be acclaimed by the audience, but also hated for being the villain in the love story between Norma Elizondo and Juan Reyes, being obsessed with this man, she has proven to be a very brave woman in all aspects of their life.

And it is that in addition to having fought for a long time against breast cancer, she has had to endure criticism from people who judge her for her physique. Recently, taking advantage of his trip to the Dominican Republic, where he takes a well-deserved vacation and recharges energy to start a new project called “Time Owners”, was the victim of insults on social media.

It all happened when the Argentine model also posed with a bikini in front of the sea and placed in the caption of the photos his schedules and the free time that his new film leaves him. Although her followers applauded her work and praised her beauty, there were those who hid behind her profiles to attack her with offensive messages.

In an Instagram story, the actress born on September 30, 1970 She said that several of her detractors insulted her and made fun of her physique, pointing out that she was not pretty and that her voice was horrible.

“They don’t know how many people I blocked: one who sent me a message to eat because I’m very ugly, another who sent me a message saying that I have a man’s voice and I’m horrible. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, what will they have for breakfast “, he pointed.

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Before proceeding to block the evil one from “Pasión de gavilanes”, far from wishing them the worst, he asked them to find peace in their souls.

“They are women with children who speak of God. It’s strange isn’t it? Obviously they are angry with life, they are not happy, they are not happy with their life. The truth is, I am so busy evolving, being a better person and fulfilling my dreams and creating them, that I only wish them love and that they be happy “, he asserted.

It is not the first time that the actress has been the victim of insults for her appearance, since the same thing happened in 2020. On that occasion, she shared some photographs on her Instagram account of her looking very smiling. The snapshot quickly received comments from its fans, most of them with positive messages; however, there were those who criticized his physical appearance.

Through her Instagram Stories, Argentina showed the writing in which a person tells her that she looks very thin and emaciated and that she should gain weight as when she participated in the soap opera “Pasión de Gavilanes”. Meritano was extremely annoyed and pointed out that she did not deserve this type of comment and that she would not allow it.

“No comments should be made about the lives and bodies of others. There are many people who commit suicide because of this type of comment. We are nobody to tell the other how he should look, I am not a body, I am not an age, a hair color, a bust or a butt. You have to put a limit on this type of person because it is a total lack of respect and conscience. Do not comment on other people’s bodies “, said.

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Later, the actress published another comment from a woman who tells her that the breast cancer she suffered left her with a “very finished” image. The fact did not let it go unnoticed and shared the screenshot to share a great reflection with his followers. “What a pity that it looks very finished, it was so beautiful, how cancer kills people, but take courage because you have to live in the here and now”a user wrote him.

To this message, Lorena responded by saying: “My God … Do you read what you just wrote? You who according to your name is a woman. According to you: “I see myself finished because cancer kills people.” I read this and I ask God for her heart and I simply say: God bless you, ma’am. “.

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