What does the brown heart emoji mean in WhatsApp and when to use it

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WhatsApp is one of the applications that millions of users in the world use to be able to communicate with their loved ones: either using the classic text messages or simply the audios or voice notes. Precisely with the latter there have been changes: now it is possible to reproduce them with a speed of 2X which means that it is twice the normal.

But not only that, WhatsApp It is also implementing its multi-device function in all cell phones on the planet, so that you do not depend on the cell phone when you open your conversations in its web version. In addition, it is expected that the photos and videos that disappear can also be enabled in less than a rooster crows since, at the moment, it is in the beta version.

Now many want to know the meaning of the emojis in the app. And it is that in it we find an infinity of emoticons and their combinations. Among the most popular is the brown heart o brown heart (in English). What does it really mean?

Many think that it is only used to express love, but its interpretation goes further. In order to know the meaning of this emoticon of WhatsApp We must resort to a page that is the parent company of all the icons: .

The brown heart in WhatsApp Has several meanings. Some people use it to refer to the loving feeling towards the earth, nature, as well as a union.

For its part, mentions that the icon is often used to discuss issues related to racial identity.

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Now, depending on the context, it can also reveal cozy, ugly, ordinary, dirty, stupidity and antipathy.

Brown Heart, as it is also known in English, was approved as part of in 2019 and added to in 2019.

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