What Entertainment is Popular with Scandinavian Millennials?

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One of the most pressing issues faced by millennials in recent years is the widespread stagnation of wages, rising living costs, and scarcity of housing. When compared to the so-called ‘baby boomer generation, millennials currently face notably lower prospects of economic growth and social mobility.

When you combine this state of affairs with the fact that in their lifetime so far millennials have had to grapple both with the Great Recession of 2008 and the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems completely understandable that some journalists are already describing them as the “unluckiest generation” in recent history.

However, this is evidently not true of all millennials across the world. While the Washington Post might be correct in labeling millennials as the unluckiest generation in recent US history, there are some countries where this is clearly not the case.

One of these countries is Norway, which according to reporting by the BBC has bucked global trends by having one of the most prosperous millennial demographics.

This is large because millennial Norwegians have benefitted from an unprecedented economic windfall which has made them one of the wealthiest groups of millennials in the world. In fact, according to the BBC report, young Norwegians have some of the highest levels of disposable income in the world.

When it comes to actually spend this disposable income, however, what forms of entertainment prove the most popular with this golden generation of Scandinavians?


One of the most popular pastimes for Norwegian and Scandinavian millennials is online gaming.

In one sense this makes perfect sense, given that Scandinavians benefit from some of the highest levels of internet connectivity in the world. Although this supports a wide range of online activities, it seems that online gaming has proved particularly popular.

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In terms of the games that have proved the most popular, while places such as Norway and Sweden continue to be hubs for the global esports industry, other forms of online gaming are equally popular.

Online casinos such as Norskespilleautomater.com have reported record levels of growth in recent years as young Scandinavians put their ample disposable income to use. The popularity of online casinos across Norway, Finland, and Sweden is also reflected in the number of development studios that have been set up in recent years to service this growing market. Some of the leading developers of online casino games are based in the region.


Another popular pastime which Scandinavian millennials pour a considerable amount of their disposable income into is travelling.

Although this obviously subsided quite substantially during the pandemic, when restrictions on travel severely curtailed both domestic and international tourism, things have picked up considerably as the public health situation has improved in recent months.

With travel restrictions beginning to subside, young Scandinavians have thrown themselves into traveling once again with a wanderlust that is characteristic of this generation.

Interestingly, for young Norwegians travel isn’t just looked at as a form of relaxation. An equally strong motivating factor in their trips abroad is a desire to explore new destinations.

It seems that a sense of wanderlust is very much a state of mind that influences the kinds of entertainment young Scandinavians to indulge in.

Crafts and Skills

Interestingly, despite the fact that millennials are presented with a myriad of ways to spend time in the digital world — what has now become known as the ‘metaverse’ — some of the most popular hobbies among Scandinavian millennials are distinctly physical in nature.

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In an age where online gaming, media streaming services, and social media platforms consume a seemingly ever-increasing amount of our attention, artistic and creative endeavors have continued to be popular.

In one sense this seems predictable. It is understandable that the generations who have grown up with digital technologies would more readily seek out ways to actively disconnect from the online world.

For this reason, hobbies such as playing musical instruments, crafting, and other forms of artistic expression are particularly popular with young millennials.

Interestingly, these hobbies are actively enhanced by the availability of digital technologies such as smartphones and the internet. Through social media websites and other digital learning platforms, it has never been easier to get started with a new hobby. The rise of online shopping also has a role in this, with more niche hobbies now becoming more accessible than ever.

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