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What Everyone Dislikes About the Gladiator 2 Trailer

What Everyone Dislikes About the Gladiator 2 Trailer

“Gladiator,” one of Ridley Scott’s most iconic films, has generated immense anticipation for its sequel. However, the soundtrack choice for its trailer has left some fans disappointed. As Reddit user u/Murasasme stated, “I’m a massive Gladiator fan, and the music for this trailer just took me out completely. It just does not fit the tone set by the original movie at all.”

Others share this sentiment, speculating that the song was included to highlight the involvement of a high-profile actor. “The producers: We got [Denzel], let’s throw a rap song in there to emphasize the Roman Empire,” joked YouTuber @avairal5936 in the trailer’s comments section.

The choice of music also drew the attention of Peter Briggs, co-writer of “Hellboy.” On X, Briggs criticized the idea, stating, “That song was a godawful marketing idea, for an unnecessary Gladiator sequel. Mescal has the charisma of a block of wood. Only Washington looks interesting. I’ll see it for Ridley (sigh) and the naval battles.”

If the trailer or its song choice fails to entertain, it prompts some to wonder why Nick Cave’s “Gladiator 2: Christ Killer” remains a sequel they would have preferred to see.

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