What function is Instagram going to remove: Goodbye to the ‘swipe up’

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Who else and who less sure has made the gesture of swiping up on an Instagram story or post, to open an external link. It is a quick, comfortable gesture, and it seems that its days are numbered, because the swipe-up will cease to exist.

Goodbye to the Swipe up gesture on Instagram

In fact it has a date and everything: Instagram plans to withdraw this feature from August 30, as pointed out by the website The Verge and also confirmed by Instagram itself. Instead of the link slipped up, the function will be replaced by a new type of stickers: The link stickers “, which are exactly the same, stickers to place in the Stories that take people to external websites.

Why did you do it? Instagram notes that it is removing the up-swipe – a feature that has spawned its own category of GIFs and a phrase that is now part of the lexicon – to “streamline the story creation experience” and offer more “creative control“as the uses can format the look of the stickers and not the swipe up.

Link Stickers

This update is based on a test that the company started earlier this summer. In June, Instagram began testing these stickers for various users, not just those who already had swipe up privileges. (Users have to be verified or have at least 10,000 followers to be able to access the swipe up).

At the time of testing, Vishal Shah, former Instagram Product Manager, told The Verge that stickers were more in line with the way people currently use the platformto. He also said that the goal was to extend the stickers. The key difference between the two functions is that viewers can “reply to stories that have a link sticker, but cannot reply to stories that slide up.”

Instagram says that, for now, only people who have swipe-up privileges will get the stickers option, but that “is still evaluating“Its deployment to more users. The proof”it will help us determine if it is the right decision before expanding access to more people “, so it may even end up being discarded and let’s continue with the old ‘Swipe-up’ gesture.

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