What GamStop Players Can Expect From Slots

By: Will Wood

Published on:

Slots are the most popular casino game period. There are countless options and each one is special. Add great bonuses, even more options and you can see why slots have been so popular among players. They are developing and advancing as we speak. Today, we will see what GamStop players can expect from slots today and in the near future.

More Advanced Features

This is the first, the most obvious, and the most probable thing GamStop players can expect from slots. More features are the key for players and something we all like. Usually, when it comes to non-GamStop casinos, players pick brands that were reviewed by NonGamStopSlots, because the market is extremely competitive and it is hard to find brands that provide you with both entertained games and good offers. There are no limits here so we can see various options such as mini-games, bonus features, new symbols, new designs and so much more. All of these have the same purpose. They should make slots more advanced and more appealing for players. This can also help you with the winnings! 

There is no way we can generalize the matter. Some say that these features will be focused on bonus rounds only. Others claim that new user interface features will be added. One way or another, these features already make slots more complicated and therefore most desirable. You can choose your bonus, play a different game within the slot and you have more odds. 

3D Slots Are Coming

Here we can see one name that is the leader at the moment. Yggdrasil is the main name in this case scenario. Their 3D slots are advanced, sophisticated and a real pleasure to play. They also come in high numbers so we can see versatility. GamStop players can expect more of these games. They are more fun to play and they are more ‘’realistic’’ in the lack of a better word. Now you can have fun and enjoy some of the most spectacular 3D slots. We must add that 3D games are becoming more and more common among other casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, and other card games in general. 

These vary in features and they are based on all the rules and the systems of conventional slots. But, 3D design makes them more advanced which is something GamStop players like. We believe that this type of casino game is going to become extremely popular soon. Yes, they also work on smartphones. In general, these are more demanding games so some old phones may be unable to use them. However, this isn’t going to be an issue for modern devices. 

VR Online Slots

This is a rare option these days and not a common one. VR slots are not widely available to GamStop players. But, they are the best option for certain players. VR stands for virtual reality and it allows you to be drawn inside the game and play like you are at an actual, brick and mortar casino and basically VR is a game-changer. You need a VR headset for this and you can use a smartphone or a computer in order to activate the feature. VR slots are becoming a hot topic at the moment and they should be taken into account if you want the latest and the most advanced games to play. There is no need in adding that you cannot play VR slots without a headset. Luckily these are extremely affordable these days and you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Higher Number of Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are developed by Big Time Gaming, a software developer from Australia. Their games come with an interesting feature, Megaways. The idea is to have a game that will show a different number of symbols per reel in each spin. This has a simple advantage. More symbols can offer more paylines which directly means higher winnings. The slots are more advanced than conventional ones and they do offer more perks. They are still easy to play but they can be more profitable and winnings can be massive. GamStop players like these. As a matter of fact, some play Megaways slots only. 

Focus On Mobile Slots

Even right now most of the slots are optimized to work on mobile phones. Old slots are ported into HTML5 technology while all new ones are developed in this tech from the scratch. But, soon we can expect that slots become completely developed for smartphones and tablets, and then they are optimized for computers. New slots may be easier to use on smartphones, have large buttons and offer more features that are specifically developed for smartphones. Of course, the accent will be on Android and iOS devices due to its popularity. 


GamStop players can expect a lot of things from online slots. But, all of this has one major purpose. Slots should become more advanced, more appealing to play, and make winning easier to obtain. As such, we can deduce that online slots are going to become more and more common among GamStop players. This is a well-known fact knowing that software developers develop slots more than any other game.