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What Giuliana Rancic's Fashion Police Co-Stars Say About Her

What Giuliana Rancic’s Fashion Police Co-Stars Say About Her

Among all Giuliana Rancic’s co-hosts on “Fashion Police,” Kelly Osbourne had the most outspoken remarks about her. Their conflict ignited during the controversial Zendaya incident when some fans mistakenly attributed the inflammatory comment to Osbourne. Misunderstood by many, Osbourne felt compelled to clear her name, especially given her friendship with Zendaya. She quickly took to social media to clarify, “I DID NOT MAKE THE WEED COMENT. I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM SO AS A RSULT [sic] OF THIS IM SEREIOULSY QUESTIONONIG STAYING ON THE SHOW!”

Not long after, Osbourne exited the show, with E! News reporting she would “pursue other opportunities,” as mentioned by BBC. Fast forward nearly a decade, Osbourne still harbors resentment towards Rancic. In an episode of “The Osbournes” podcast, she made it unmistakably clear that she wants nothing to do with Rancic. “We don’t need to give her any f**king anything,” Osbourne remarked when Rancic’s name came up, stating that she remains blissfully unaware of Rancic’s current life. “As far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t exist,” she added.

The Zendaya controversy proved to be the catalyst that solidified Osbourne’s decision to leave. It made her realize she didn’t want to continue with the show in the absence of the late Joan Rivers. Reflecting on the situation, Osbourne shared, “It’s one of my biggest regrets in all of it, to be honest with you, was how Melissa [Rivers] got hurt in all of it because she had just lost her mom and then the show.”

This fiery fallout between Rancic and Osbourne underscores the tension that simmered beneath the surface of the popular fashion critique show. For Osbourne, the incident not only damaged her public image momentarily but also strained her professional relationship with her colleagues. Her swift departure was a sign that she would not allow herself to be entangled in a controversy she believed to be unjustly connected to her.

The strong words Osbourne shared on her podcast reveal the depth of her feelings. More than just a professional disagreement, it seems to have left a lasting emotional mark. Her intense response hints at the personal bonds and high stakes involved in the world of celebrity television, where a single comment can ripple out to cause far-reaching consequences.

Osbourne’s friendship with Zendaya, a key factor in her reaction, exemplifies the webs of personal connections that often go unnoticed by the public eye. This relationship was significant enough for Osbourne to publicly distance herself from any racist undertones, emphasizing her stand against such unacceptable behavior. The incident seemed to clarify her values and dictate her next professional move.

While Osbourne’s career path post-“Fashion Police” has been varied, the shadow of the Zendaya incident and her conflict with Rancic appears to linger. Her comments on the podcast highlight the ongoing impact it has on her, showing that in the world of entertainment, professional rifts can be deeply personal and long-lasting.

This saga serves as a reminder of the volatility within the entertainment industry, where alliances may shift, and reputations can be swiftly challenged. It also highlights the courage required to stand firm in one’s beliefs even if it means walking away from a high-profile position. For Osbourne, this decision seemed intertwined with a sense of integrity and loyalty to personal values and relationships.

Rancic, on the other hand, has continued her career, but the rift with Osbourne seems a chapter she might not be able to shut entirely. The fact that Osbourne still speaks of the incident with such raw emotion suggests that, for her, it was more than a professional misstep; it was a fundamental breach of respect and friendship. This unresolved conflict between two prominent figures of “Fashion Police” is a story that underscores the complex dynamics of celebrity camaraderie and rivalry.

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