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What Happened to Dafnee Keen, Logan’s Actress

Marvel Comics knew how to find the perfect formula: despite the large number of superheroes and characters that are part of their stories, the comic book publisher little by little led many of them to the big screen. With Marvel Studios y Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, the call was consolidated MCU with important figures such as Iron Man O Captain America. With Sony Pictures, to versions of Spider-Man and Venom. But although today it seems like something that was left in the past, there was also an important union with 20th Century Fox.

In this way, the saga of the X-Men ceased to be simply a comic, to be a source of inspiration for the franchise. In this sense, in 2017 came to the rooms Logan, the last film in the trilogy of Wolverine which was starred by Hugh Jackman. However, he was not the only attraction: with only 11 years, Dafne Keen played Laura, a young mutant who appears as Logan’s biological daughter. Daughter of actor parents, the girl born in Madrid managed to stand out and take all the looks.

But… what has happened to her since the premiere of Mavel’s movie? At 16, Keen has become involved in new projects thanks to his remarkable work on the film directed by James Mangold It has gotten all the critical acclaim. On 2019, a great opportunity came to the life of the young artist: she became the protagonist of The Dark Matter (His Dark Materials), based on the novels by Philip Pullman and produced by BBC One y HBO. After taking over the main role for two seasons, in December 2020 it was renewed for a third and final part.

That’s not all, in 2021 he participated in Ana, a feature-length American comedy-drama that starred Andy Garcia and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Now, he also participates in a BBC podcast. It is true that for the moment he has not repeated the popularity he achieved with the Wolverine story. However, fans do not give up hope of seeing her in action again in the world of Marvel and, ideally, in a spin-off.

Last year, Dafne Keen herself spoke about the success of Laura’s character. In an interview, he commented on the possibility of making a new movie of X-Men, although that same was complicated just when Disney bought Fox. “I’m trying not to get too hopeful in case it doesn’t happen, but I really hope it does because I loved playing Laura. She holds a very special place in my heart and is an incredible character”, He maintained and excited the followers with a participation in Deadpool 3.

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