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What Happened to Derek Morgan on ‘Criminal Minds’?

Derek Morgan makes several flesh-and-blood appearances on “Criminal Minds” after stepping down as a regular character. Many of these guest spots revolve around his close relationship with Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), often adding layers to their dynamic.

His first return occurs in Season 12’s episode titled “Red Light.” During this episode, Morgan is contacted by the notorious unsub Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman), also known as Peter Lewis. He visits the old office and takes the opportunity to catch up with the team. Importantly, Morgan encourages Penelope to be kinder to Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), who replaced him on the team.

In Season 13, he makes another appearance in the episode “Lucky Strikes.” This time, he shows up specifically to offer Penelope support during a particularly challenging case. Morgan’s final appearance is in the series finale, Season 15’s “And in the End.” He returns to the storyline after an attack by the latest unsub.

As for the new sequel series, “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” it remains unclear if Derek Morgan will make an appearance. Given his dedication to his friends and the possibility of Shemar Moore being available due to “S.W.A.T.” filming nearby, there is always potential for a cameo. It’s worth noting that the second season of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” debuted on June 6.

Source: Various sources