What happened to Fernando Luque / Álex Ganoza after leaving “Back in the neighborhood”

If you are a faithful follower of the series “Back to the neighborhood”, Surely you will not miss any of the chapters of this production, which is now in its fourth season; and although the stories that appear throughout the plot keep the audience hooked, more than one has noticed the absence of several characters.

Although some are away due to health issues such as Santiago Suárez and Paul Martin, actors from Beto Ganoza and Pichón Bravo respectively, it is strange not to see Alejandro ‘Alex’ Ganoza, who lost track of him from one moment to the next. The last that was heard of him was when he decided to leave the San José neighborhood with Sofía, days after asking for her hand.

As it is remembered, after the ceremony to propose marriage, Malena’s most rebellious son asks his beloved to go travel the world and enjoy her love, something to which she refuses, so he decides to respect her decision; However, many fears about his future begin to arise, but the love he feels for the eldest of the Bravos is stronger.

As the days go by, he again proposes to leave everything and live their romance to the fullest, Sofia he accepts and they decide to go on his motorcycle. They both leave at dawn when everyone rested. The funny thing about this scene is that Alex’s face can no longer be seen, he is only focused from behind the moment he leaves his house and when he leaves the neighborhood, and a voice is heard asking: “Okay, ready?”. From that moment, his character did not return, as did his beloved.

After the departure of Fernando Luque from “Back to the neighborhood”, where he gave life to Alejandro ‘Alex’ Ganoza, many wonder what has become of his life. Well, we tell you that, Although he moved away from recording studios, he is still in the world of acting, but in the theater, where he has many projects.

Through his social networks, he announces what he is doing on a daily basis. “Indeed, I quit television. Well, sometimes, you have to let go, but fear not! Well now you can find me at the @ la.vacamulticolor theater ”.

In said space, In addition to acting, the 27-year-old histrion also offers, along with other professionals, acting workshops. He is in charge of everything related to Actora Gym.

Also, as part of the scenic reactivation, he is presenting his one-man show “La fiesta saturnal” in person., which tells the story of Manuel, who on an excursion to the mountains consumes a high dose of LSD. After that, he moves away from his friends and encounters the supernatural until he loses his sense of identity. The staging is a portrait of evolution and the divinity that lives inside every human being.

At the same time, it has an acting training workshop that those interested can access based on auditions. “The TAFFEL is back! With great joy, we present the new face-to-face version of Fernando Luque’s Actoral Training Workshop. What is the difference with the other workshops that we have been conducting? That at TAFFEL we have a view to professional training, which requires another type of rigor, length of time and complexity in the process. For this reason, to enter it is necessary to go through an audition, which in this case will be virtual and will have two closing dates “, wrote.

Without a doubt, Fernando Luque continues to do what he is most passionate about, and if you no longer see him on the small screen, then you can see him in the theater.

Despite the fact that the actor pointed out that he had a great experience in “Back in the neighborhood”, where he met many people and gained more experience, he felt that his cycle had already been completed on the television series.

“The issue is that personally as an artist I like to explore various things and I feel that after two years of meeting a character as I have met Alex I felt the need to look for other things”, he pointed out in an interview to .

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