What Happened to Guy Fieri’s Sister: Morgan Fieri

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One of the most popular Food Network shows, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is a fun watch. You get to see top drool-inducing restaurants and get an insight into how they serve food, what they cook, and who visits them. The show also features taking a road trip across the United States of America and hopping into retro diners, pubs, and other food joints that cook lip-smacking dishes. The show is hosted by Guy Fieri and ever since it went on air, Feiri became rich from this beloved show and continues to win the love of audiences.

Before becoming a Food Network host, Fieri was caught up in making things happen for himself. The TV host’s friendly and funny instances are admired by all and while everyone loves him, not many people know that things weren’t always smooth for Fieri on a personal front. Apparently, he has had some hard experiences in his life that he rarely looks forward to talking about. Like everyone’s life, Fieri’s journey is also filled with some sad moments, one of which includes losing his beloved sister, Morgan Fieiri.

What Happened to Guy Fieri’s Sister Morgan?

Guy Fieri appears as a chatty person who has a reputation for making any serious situation funny with his corny jokes. His impressive TV presence cannot be questioned, no matter what. And while he is a very fun-loving TV host, his life hasn’t been entirely without some suffering. He still grieves the death of his sibling.

Guy Fieri’s sister, Morgan Fieri, was first diagnosed with cancer when she was only 4. Guy never forgot how their community rallied around the family and how even the local celebrities visited his sister in the hospital when she was a child to boost her morale. Morgan struggled with the fatal disease for most of her life and succumbed to metastatic melanoma. At that time, she was only 38. Morgan is survived by her partner, Annie Antepara, and son, Jules.

Guy Celebrates the Legacy of His Sister in Many Ways

The efforts that Guy makes to commemorate his sister show how much he loves and misses her. In 2015, he paid tribute to Morgan, who was a lesbian, when he officiated 101 same-sex marriages in Florida. The event was organized by fellow celebrity chef Art Smith after the state lifted a ban on same-sex marriage.

“Was an honor to be part of such an amazing day for so many loving couples #101gayweddings.” He wrote on his official Twitter account.

In 2020, Guy paid tribute to Morgan by sharing her picture on his Instagram account.

“Miss you my sister Morgan. You continue to inspire us all. We love you! Namaste.”

In one of his interviews, Guy shared how even though of course he and his parents still get emotional about thinking of his sibling, his mom and dad showed him that it is possible to be positive despite feeling mournful. He shared,

“I lost my little sister 12 years ago to cancer. My dad just beat pancreatic cancer five years ago, which was a miracle. And he’s been a great advocate for people that have gone through it. I think you got to live every single day. That’s the biggest thing – is you never know what tomorrow’s going to bring. And that’s one of the reasons I live the way I live. I am not going to waste today.”

To celebrate his sister’s love for recipes, Guy finished a book that included her recipes which was going to print. He told TravelFoodandDrink.com about his sister’s passing away. “My little sister passed away in February. It was heartbreaking. My sister lives on in the bookshelves and in the homes, with the families of people forever.”

When Morgan Inspired Guy Fieri

As per sources, Guy Fieri became very interested in vegetarian meals because of his sister. Morgan loved to eat veg meals. He shared, “My sister was a great cook. She was always introducing me to new ways to cook with vegetables, going, ‘Try this’ or ‘Try that’. She got me to be more creative with my vegetarian cooking, and now I am much more veggie-centric on my plate.”

Guy adopted some of his sister’s dietary habits, and she had a profound influence on his life. Besides this, he has been heavily involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As per him,

“I know what the family is going through, to some degree. I know that heartache, and I see that, and if there’s anything I can do to help enlighten or empower those kids, I want to do it.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Guy raised over $21 million for the restaurants struggling to stay afloat amid the ongoing lockdown. This gesture was much appreciated by all his fans. Guy stated that his act was inspired by his late sister.

Morgan Fieri’s spirit lives on in Guy’s acts and endeavors to bring everyone together through food, charity, and entertainment.

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