What Happened to Kat’s Storyline in Euphoria Season 2

By: Ann Burdett

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The end of the second season of the successful youth series “Euphoria” is getting closer and closer, which has introduced us to new characters such as Faye and Elliot, who have had a notable presence in the plot. Although they have appeared in installment two, the absence or almost no participation of others has powerfully attracted attention, as happened with Kat Hernández, played by Barbie Ferreira.

In the wake of the Brazilian-American actress appearing less in the story, fans have begun to speculate the reason that would have led the young woman to almost disappear from the teen drama, which airs on HBO Max.

If you too are one of those who is wondering why this character has not acted much, a plus-size teenager, who is aware of her body and explores her sexuality; we tell you what could have happened.

Why Kat Has a Smaller Story in Euphoria Season 2

Due to Kat’s low participation or unimportant interventions in “Euphoria 2”, something that differs totally from season one, in which we saw the girl have a story that stood out, followers used social networks to show their concern.

Some claim that there would have been a fight between the actress Barbie Ferreira with the director of the series, who would have decided to eliminate some scenes of Kat Hernández before it was released.

This could be valid if we take into account that the model also did not attend the red carpet of the series in which her castmates were. The reason is that it did not appear in the trailer of the second installment.

Why Kat Has a Smaller Story in Season 2

Barbie Ferreira gave an interview to The Cut to talk about her character in “Euphoria 2”. She was clear and concise.

“Kat’s journey during this season is a little more internal and more mysterious to the audience. She is having many existential crises in secret. And she gets a little crazy during this season. The issue is that everyone is losing their minds a little bit,” he said.

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