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What happens if you are blocked several times on WhatsApp – MAG.

WhatsApp is one of the fast messaging applications that many users are using in the world. So strong is their success that, during the fall of more than 6 hours at the beginning of October, several were held incommunicado. What do you use the app for? Some use it to chat with whoever they want, share memories and even send photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

But there are also others who like to always try the latest news from WhatsApp and that is why they have decided to use the Only Once system, the one that only allows your contact to view multimedia files only once.

However, in WhatsApp there is also sanctions. In case you do not comply with the requirements of the app or you have simply violated part of its conditions of use, then your account may disappear in a few days. One of the reasons this process is carried out is that several people have blocked you.

Well, there is a lot to say. WhatsApp may take action if you share hacking, spam, binary messages, or simply someone blocking you multiple times.

This last case, as he explains , It will only be executed if a group of people decides to block you at the same time for having sent them messages with some kind of violence or dislike. At that moment the app will put your account in half and, as a consequence, it can ban you temporarily or permanently.

If you sent a message to several users who are not in your contact list, then the sanction may reach your terminal faster, as indicated by the WhatsApp policy stipulated on your website.

Now that you know, continue sending images and commenting on a topic on WhatsApp as long as you practice good behavior, otherwise you can say goodbye to your account.

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