What happens to messages and posts from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram if they are down?

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For a few hours, Facebook and all its associated services have stopped working properly in much of the world due to a crash of its servers that is affecting both the popular social network and the Applications from Instagram and WhatsApp, the instant messaging service for iOS and Android mobiles. While the service technicians are already working on a solution that should arrive in the next few hours, let’s see what happens with the messages and the posts of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram if they are down.

Technical problems of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

And it is because of happiness incidence with the servers of three of the services with the most users in the world, it is not possible access your publications, refresh your walls O send messages. Let’s see what consequences this global error has in each of the applications. Let’s start with Facebook; due to service outage, it is impossible access the platform in its desktop version. In the case of the mobile version, you can’t refresh the wall either O publish any post. In addition, the courier service of Facebook Messenger does not allow you to send or receive direct messages.

For its part, Instagram suffers from the same symptoms as Facebook, both in desktop and mobile versions, not allowing access to the website or refresh the feed of the mobile app. The app’s direct messages don’t work either. Finally, in the case of WhatsApp, although it is possible to access the mobile application, when trying to send a message to a contact, the clock icon will appear waiting to send the message when service is restored, at which time it will be sent automatically.

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When it works properly, the message icon will change to a check by the time the message is sent, doble check when the other user receives it and double blue check when you read it. All this when the servers are restored.

Due to this global drop in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the social network Twitter has been filled with memes about this global error; don’t miss the funniest ones.


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