What have been the most finished and abandoned games of 2021?

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The year 2021 ends and, with this, a course marked by dozens of premieres in video games from large and small studios is ended, added to not a few delays as a result of COVID-19. Twelve months in which the community has finished and abandoned titles along the way. From the How Long To Beat portal, a community space in which users submit the completion time of titles to obtain approximate averages, we can now see the 2021 statistics. These have been the most finished and abandoned games of the year.

The most abandoned games of 2021

With more than 1,700 titles added to the HLTB database throughout 2021 and more than 39,800 contributions from its community, the average departure time this year has been 16 hours and 42 minutes to reach the end. The platform most used by users of this popular web portal is the PC, with 47.55% of the votes computed.

The How Long To Beat community has shelved titles such as Twelve Minutes, the news of Luis Antonio about a time loop that is sent over and over again; as well as Loop Hero, which is also about temporal iterations. Returnal, Cyber Sahdow, Outriders, The Medium, Back 4 Blood, The Ascent Y Oddworld: Soulstorm They complete the Top-10 of titles that, for one reason or another, have failed to convince players enough to see the opening credits.

It should be said that these statistics are not related to sales; in fact, values ​​such as availability (if they belong to a subscription service, where it may be easier to leave out a title), the duration o la difficulty.

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The other side of the coin: the most finished games of 2021

From the HLTB portal we can also see the statistics for 2021 referring to finished video games. In this case, the top-10 is configured as follows, with Resident Evil Village and Metroid Dread as the most finished this year. Curiously, Twelve Minutes and The Medium also enter this other ranking, so many people have also reached the end.

  1. Resident Evil 8 Village: 2,500 times completed
  2. Metroid Dead: 2,200 times completed
  3. Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart: 1,300 times completed
  4. It Takes Two: 1.200 veces completado
  5. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: 1.100 veces completado
  6. Twelve Minutes: 1,100 times completed
  7. Psychonauts 2: Completed 972 times
  8. NieR Replicant: 913 times completed
  9. The Medium: Completed 811 times
  10. Little Nightmares II: Completed 745 times

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