What have the Spanish searched the most on Google in 2021? Football, La Palma or Weather?

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The year 2021 is over (we will see how 2022 behaves), and when December arrives it is time to review what these 12 months have given of themselves. In this link we have seen which have been the most searched terms around the world in Google during 2021, but what about Spain in particular? What events, events, etc. have monopolized searches on Google.es?

Soccer, volcanoes and the weather

The La Palma volcano and sports competitions such as the Eurocup, LaLiga or the NBA star in the searches that the Spanish have done in Google in the last twelve months, in which questions are also sneaked to find out whatWhat is Thor’s hammer called or why does a volcano erupt?

But it’s been time a classic among classics, the leader of the list of general searches on Google in 2021 with the search term ‘weather tomorrow’, which becomes the most googled in Spain in general search, a category in which today has a prominent role, with the volcano of La Palma, next to gambling (Bonoloto) and sports competitions.

The Eurocup and LaLiga they occupy the second and third place, respectively, in a Top Ten that closes NBA basketball. In the searches’ How …? ‘, The Spanish have consulted with the search engine what is the name of Thor’s hammer, how to know if I am delinquent and how Madrid is doing, while in the searches’ Why … ? ‘, They have tried to solve their doubts about why a volcano erupts, the lights turn up or Messi leaves. And in ‘When’, many / as wanted to know when they had to be vaccinated or when the video game FIFA 22 came out.


  1. Mbappé
  2. Eriksen
  3. Rafael Nadal
  4. Carlos Alcaraz
  5. Ana Peleteiro
  6. Paula Badosa
  7. Dani Olmo
  8. Simone Biles
  9. Unai Simon
  10. Xavi

Cinema, TV and Series

  1. Tokyvideo
  2. Survivors
  3. Love is in the air
  4. The island of temptations
  5. The Squid Game
  6. Secret story
  7. The last temptation
  8. Mask Singer
  9. The Bridgertons
  10. Eternals


  1. when does Spain play
  2. when is black friday
  3. when is my time to get vaccinated
  4. when does Madrid play
  5. When it’s holy week
  6. when does WhatsApp come back
  7. when does Barcelona play
  8. when do the olympics start
  9. when is carnival
  10. when does fifa 22 come out


  1. what is the name of thor’s hammer
  2. how to know if I am delinquent
  3. how is madrid
  4. how is spain
  5. what is the name of the acacia flower
  6. how are the elections going in Madrid
  7. how to get the covid passport
  8. how a giraffe sleeps
  9. olive flower what is it called
  10. how to make bread


  1. why does a volcano erupt
  2. why does the light go up
  3. why is messi leaving
  4. why Melendi is not in La Voz
  5. why does the arm hurt from the vaccine
  6. why was cat crazy on victorious
  7. why is Women’s Day celebrated
  8. Why are my applications closing?
  9. Why do cats purr
  10. why are there so many earthquakes in Granada


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