What If …?: Funko and Lego leak new details of the superheroes of the Marvel series

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If today we echoed a leak by Lego about the new Spider-Man suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home, now comes a new Marvel leak, again with Lego as the protagonist with the brand Funko Pop!; And it is that thanks to both merchandising brands based on Marvel products, we know more details of the superheroes of the multiverse that we can see in What If…?, the new animated series by Marvel Studios which will premiere in August in Disney+.

New details of the superheroes of the multiverse

Thus, a photograph has appeared on Redit of the back of a box of Funko Pop! dedicated to the new animated series of the UCM and in which we can read the names of several of the leading superheroes belonging to this new collectible series from the famous brand of big-headed figures. Starting by Capitana Carter (Peggy Carter), the UK version of Captain America.

But there is more; T’Challa Star-Lord as head of the Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hydra Stomper, version of a skinny Steve Rogers in an armor in the purest Iron Man style, Gamora, daughter of Thanos, whose target would be Tony Stark, and Doctor Strange Supreme, an evil version of Stephen Strange who will face Doctor Strange himself.

Moving on to Lego, we see that it is a set dedicated to the episode in which we will see Capitana Carter already Hydra Stomper with an unexpected presence: Red Skull O Red Skull. And it seems that the first episode of the series will be dedicated to both superheroes in a new version of the first installment of Captain America of the UCM, so it is not surprising that its main villain also appears.

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What If…? opens this August in Disney+ with ten episodes; the other ten episodes will arrive in 2022 with its second season.

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