“What if I Had Not Been There to Care for Them? – A Story of Responsibility and Dependence”

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I Never Thought I Would Raise Three Little Children Alone at 62 Years Old

Raising three little children at the age of 62 was never something that I thought I would experience. But here I am, yelling at them to hurry up and get in the car. Allie, 6, was taking her time, Jordan, 4, wanted to be picked up, and Jax, 9, was busy drawing on the car with her finger.

My grandchildren mean the world to me, but it’s a challenge raising them by myself. Jordan, the youngest, still looks pale from being a preemie. He talks the most about his missing mother and gets angry and spits when talking about her.

One night, Jordan was crying because he realized that his mother wasn’t going to be there to tuck him in. I hugged him while the others fell asleep. He was furious and felt wronged. I tried everything to console him, but we both ended up sobbing.

I never meant to take care of them for so long, but when my daughter and her husband couldn’t take care of them, I stepped in. It hasn’t been easy. I get angry when they’re mean or ungrateful, and it’s hard waking up at 6 am every day. But I love them and will continue to do my best for them.

One morning, I saw a young mother in a black SUV parked next to my car. She was holding her newborn baby and looked like she was about to be deployed. She sat with her baby in her arms, humming and praying. I saw her every morning and wondered if she knew anything about my daughter’s situation.

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Sometimes I get frustrated with the morning routine, but I try to keep a positive attitude for the kids. After dropping them off at school and daycare, I noticed the soldier mom parked in front of the door again. I rolled my eyes, but she didn’t see me. She only had eyes for her baby.

One day, it was pouring with rain, and I forgot Jordan’s raincoat. I was nervous driving, but Jordan said he loved the rain because he liked rainbows. I parked in front of the kindergarten door, unable to move because of the rain. My fears crept in, what will happen if I get too old to take care of everyone?

Raising three little children alone at 62 is tough, but it’s also filled with moments of joy and love. They are my world, and I will do anything for them.

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