What If …?: New Mid-Season Trailer Introduces the Guardians of the Multiverse

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What If…?, the animated series of Marvel Studios which is broadcasting its first season these weeks through Disney+, reaches its equator and that is why its managers have shared a new trailer mid-season in which they review some of the key points of the previous five episodes and offer us a glance what is to come through the next four chapters, with a preview of what will be the new superhero group with the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Marvel multiverse crossover

And it is that everything points to the end of this first season of What If …? will allow us to enjoy a new group of superheroes who, in one way or another, will manage to meet to face the threats from the multiverse; Perhaps a much more dangerous and threatening Ultron? This new trailer that you can see heading this news suggests so, all through a reimagining of the iconic cinematic plane of the first installment of Avengers in which we see how the camera revolves around the superheroes, although this time with some unpublished protagonists.

This new trailer already shows us unreleased scenes of the following episodes, with several of its main characters. At the moment, we can already enjoy the new episode starring Killmonger, the villain of the movie Black Panther played by actor Michael B. Jordan. Soon the following episodes will arrive with the call Thor Party and another revolving around the aforementioned Ultron.

A few months ago the second season from What If …? in Disney + for 2022, with new stories from the multiverse starring the superheroes of the UCM, this time, with characters from the current Phase 4 included. In addition, Marvel Studios announced that they are already working on new animation series, yes, without confirming titles or themes.

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