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What is a Glizzy?

Slangs and the internet have a connection! Long before social media did not become a thing, people would use slangs while talking or SMSing their friends. Slangs terms have also been used throughout history where the locals would create their own language and spread the word among their peers.

But because of the ever-increasing use of the internet, the idea of slang has reached a whole new level. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok gain popularity each day, and the users of these platforms do not hesitate to create slangs on such platforms and use them.

TikTok has become the foundation of many slangs, the most recent one being Glizzy. Although the word existed before this year, it has been used online a lot more in the past few months.

So, what does Glizzy mean? Here’s everything to know.

What Does Glizzy Mean on TikTok?

If you look for the #glizzy hashtag on TikTok, you will see numerous videos that do not have anything in common. However, they do denote something.

According to this social media trend, glizzy means a hot dog!

Yes, you heard it right.

How Did Hot Dog become Glizzy?

Are you wondering why and how the hot dog came to be known as glizzy?

Apparently, this term originated in the DC/Maryland/Virginia or DMV area.

Glizzy has Other Meaning Too

While TikTok highlights its meaning as a hotdog, there is another dangerous meaning of this word. For years, glizzy has been a slang term for a Glock. There is also a Big Pun’s posthumous 2000 single, It’s So Hard where he says that he has a ‘Glizzy in the Sitzzy’, meaning he has a Glock in the stash box.

One Word, Different Meanings

Who had thought that one common word would have two entirely different meanings?

A gun is not a hotdog. Glizzy became another word for a hotdog because of its similarity in shape and size to an extended clip that one might use with a Glock.

It seems the people on the internet have popularized the local slang language of the people in the DC area. Now every time they see or want to order a hot dog, they call it GLIZZY.

The Hashtag has Millions of Views on TikTok

Since Glizzy became a trending slang on the social media platform, it has gathered more than 700 million views. Not only this, the hashtag #GlizzyGobbler has more than 200 million views.

The term ‘Glizzy Gobbler’ is used to refer to someone who eats a lot of hotdogs, in a particularly aggressive manner.

Even ESPN Mentioned this Slang Term

The popularity of this slang term even reached ESPN when they called Joey Chestnut, a competitive eater, the Glizzy Gladiator, for eating impressive 75 hotdogs in 10 minutes in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest which took place in 2020.

The Locals aren’t Pleased

While TikTok has popularized the slang term Glizzy worldwide, the locals who used it first do not seem pleased.

This trend received some backlash from the people from the DC area, who are irritated that the word has become so popular among the people who did not even grow up calling their hot dogs glizzies.

Once the internet takes up something, there is no putting back.

What are the Different Words for Hotdogs?

While hotdogs are called hotdogs in many parts of the world, sometimes other words are also used to address them.

For instance, hotdogs are referred to as sausage sizzles in Australia. In Germany, people call them wiener.

What’s your take on it?

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