What is behind the scenes of Germany’s largest airport

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The Frankfurt airport on GermanyIt is certainly much more than an air terminal. Is that the international establishment that has the largest automated baggage delivery system of the world, it also presents a new multimedia center for all the passengers who are passing by.

This technological marvel it’s practically invisible to travelers, but it ensures that almost all people who change flights at the airport located in central Germany reach their final destination with their luggage safely. The Baggage and cargo conveyor belts measure 81 kilometers.

The system is vital for Frankfurt to guarantee fast transfer times, 45 minutes or less, since approximately half of the millions of people who pass through the terminal each year rush to catch another flight.

However, from August 2, travelers who do not need to rush for their flight connection to Dubai, New York or Shanghai will be able to take a look at what happens. behind the scenes at Europe’s busiest airport for cargo transportation, where also global transportation for coronavirus vaccines was centralized.

The new multimedia Visitor Center located in the Terminal 1 – Hall C, will allow you to explore the airport history and of the aviation through almost 30 virtual modules.

“El Globo” is undoubtedly the more technologically sophisticated display In this sector. It consists of a interactive LCD wall which displays all Active flights around the world in real time. It is made up of 28 individual screens, combined to create a single screen of about 25 square meters. The system is considered unique worldwide, since no other place is capable of representing thousands of flight movements in so much detail.

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In addition, it has a miniature model of the entire airport and a terrace, and with more than 80 digital points of interest that provide a lot of interesting information in the form of texts, videos and animations 3D. No However, according to the airport operator, Fraport, in some areas visitors will be able to participate and see how an Airbus A320neo is piloted to its parking position.

Likewise, Fraport reported that Guided visits for him Frankfurt airport I also know They will resume from August. At the moment, admission tickets can only be purchased online under the address www.fra-tours.com.

The visitor center will open every day from 11 am to 7 pm. Admission for adults costs 12 euros ($ 14).

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