What is better in Windows 11 than before – and what is worse | c’t uplink 8/40

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Windows 11 has been officially published since the beginning of October, and the c’t editorial team has now had time to deal intensively with the new operating system. In c’t uplink, Windows expert Jan Schüssler tells what went well – and what went bad. One of the points of criticism is, for example, the significantly less configurable taskbar: By default, you can’t stick it anywhere else than at the bottom of the screen, and the grouping of running programs can no longer be switched off, which can lead to click confusion. On top of that, the pre-installed Teams version, in which you cannot log in with work or business accounts, is annoying.

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The poor support of older CPUs was criticized many times: Microsoft has classified a number of processors, some of them only four years old, as incompatible with Windows 11. Fortunately, the compatibility detection can be switched off so that you can upgrade to hardware that is not officially supported. c’t hardware editor Carsten Spille has tried it out and reports on his experiences – among other things, he installed Windows 11 on an ancient Pentium 4 system. More on this in this c’t article.

One of the more surprising features of Windows 11 is the Android emulator. This is not yet officially integrated into the final Windows 11 version, but it can be easily installed later. Jörg Wirtgen has researched in more detail how well Android apps run under Windows 11. And while all panelists agree that the Android emulator is a technically interesting feature, finding its specific use seems a little more complicated.

Also present: Jan Schüßler, Carsten Spille, Jörg Wirtgen & Jan-Keno Janssen

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