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What Is Craig Ferguson Doing in 2024? Is He on TV?

What Is Craig Ferguson Doing in 2024? Is He on TV?
Image Credit: Vertical Entertainment

Fans are eager to know what Craig Ferguson is doing now after a lengthy career in television. Rumors suggest that the seasoned talk show host might be contemplating a return to the late-night scene. After retiring from the sector a decade ago, the 62-year-old host seems interested in launching another chat program. But how credible are these rumors? And what is Ferguson doing at the moment?

Let’s dive into all the available details regarding Ferguson’s rumored return as well as his current whereabouts.

The Peabody Award recipient has been performing stand-up comedy since his stint on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” ended. Having entertained the world with his talk show since 2005, the veteran comedian finally bid adieu to the program in 2014. Since then, Ferguson has been touring the country with his sketches. According to The Spokesman-Review, the freedom to perform material without a gatekeeper has been the most enticing part of hitting the road for Ferguson.

Born in Scotland, the witty performer usually spends his spare time in his native country or New York City.

At the time of writing, Craig Ferguson’s return to television has yet to be confirmed. However, the comedian has publicly expressed his desire to host a late-night talk show again. In March 2024, Ferguson stated that he had meetings in Los Angeles for a show. He also mentioned that he is willing to return to the small screen only if his program is not broadcasted daily. The iconic host initially left his emcee career after experiencing immense fatigue during the journey. Despite having enjoyed the gig, Ferguson claimed that it was “all-consuming.” He also noted that his involvement in “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” took up a lot of his time, keeping him away from his family.

Nevertheless, the comedy all-time great does miss having fun interactions with his guests. Ferguson revealed he loved having candid conversations with celebrities, especially with the likes of Robin Williams, Carrie Fisher, Betty White, and Kristen Bell.

Despite his plans to once again host a late-night talk show, his return has not been confirmed.