What is Day of the Candles, the Colombian celebration that appears in Encanto

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A new animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios had its premiere this week and it is already causing people to talk. Is about Charm, directed by Jared Bush y Byron Howard, which sets its plot in Colombia and it has hundreds of details of that country. One of them is the celebration of Day of the Candles, traditional night of this land. And since a few spectators have never experienced this holiday, here we tell you what it is specifically about.

The December 7th, date on which the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, in Colombia a celebration begins that lasts until the next day. As seen in the scripted film by Castro Smith and Bush, the Day of the Candles consists of lighting lanterns and candles that illuminate entire villages. In homes, centers and local streets, these lights are placed that give life to the cities of the Latin American country.

With this night, the beginning of the Christmas festivities that are celebrated in December is marked. Each of the regions carries it out in a different way. For example in Bogota, capital of Colombia, are used to hang candles on the windows and doors of houses. In addition, there are evening activities, events with fireworks and extensive celebrations for the whole family. It was precisely there that the name “velitas” was born, referring to the custom that the inhabitants of the city have of calling in diminutive what causes them sympathy.

The film is set precisely in a place known as a Charm, a site that has blessed children with a unique gift that ranges from super strength to being able to heal. With songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco, the story of the Madrigal, a family that lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia, precisely in a magical house. And the Day of the Candles, of course, which had its appearance in the Disney feature film.

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+ Will Candlelight Day be celebrated in 2021?

Although it is a tradition of the country that has been going on for a few years, in 2021 the celebration is in danger. It is that the coronavirus pandemic has affected many sectors, including the manufacture of paraffin. With raw material shortage, it is likely that the Day of the Candles will be celebrated with few candles on December 7. However, the inhabitants of the country will surely manage so that this holiday has its recognition as every year.

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