What is Fyodor’s Ability do?

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Bungou Stray Dogs, written by Kafka Asagiri and animated by Studio Bones, is full of action. The series represents different characters with their unique abilities who are set on their respective mission to save the world against evil. It might surprise you to learn that the anime uses the names of real-life individuals for its characters. Each character also possesses special abilities based on their written literary works.

The anime is based on the clash between the Port Mafia, a notorious villain organization, and the Armed Detective Agency, an organization aiming to protect society from the former’s propaganda. In some instances, foreign organizations such as the Guild also join the fray. Throughout the development of Bungou Stray Dogs’ storyline, you will see characters revealing their unique and powerful abilities. One of the strongest characters on the show is Fyodor.

This article reveals Fyodor’s special abilities.

Who is Fyodor?

Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the leading characters of Bungou Stray Dogs. He is an outstanding leader of the Rats in the House of the Dead and a key member of the organization – Decay of the Angel. He is blessed with extreme intelligence, and with his intelligence, he often takes down the organization. According to many fans, his ability is one of the strongest.

So, what is Fyodor’s ability?

Fyodor’s special ability is called Crime and Punishment. When the show advances, you will see that Fyodor involves himself in murdering a lot of people. However, he is not a cold-hearted murderer like many other anime villains. On the flip side, he seems to view killing as a necessary evil to achieve his end goal. At some point, he does become uncomfortable taking lives out of people. It presents an interesting moral dilemma for the character as his ability demonstrates human life’s fragility and delicacy. His special ability for Crime and Punishment allows him to kill somebody with a mere touch.

What is Crime and Punishment?

Crime and Punishment also implies that everything Fyodor does is a crime, and the ability is an eternal punishment in and out of itself. He describes his abilities as ‘sins’ and users as ‘sinners’. The makers have not revealed a lot about his ability, making the audience pull out conclusions and theories by themselves. Not much is known about the capabilities of his abilities. The fans of the show wonder whether his killing ability is controllable or not.

Interestingly, you will also see Fyodor passionate about getting rid of his abilities at some point. Unlike other characters, he is not putting himself on a hypocritical pedestal to ensure he would be the only ability user in Yokohama. He often sees himself as a sinner on the same level as his enemies. By eliminating everyone’s abilities, including his own, he would be free of the punishment to which the ability has subjected him.

If you analyze the scenes involving his characters, you will see that contact is not a requirement for his ability to exercise. Crime and Punishment is an instant-kill one. The most common example of this ability is when a government agent mysteriously dies after grabbing Fyodor’s dress.

Fyodor Wants a Book

There has been a mention of a Book in Bungou Stray Dogs, and like others, even Fyodor is after getting it. This Book is not a regular one, but possesses supernatural powers of turning whatever is written inside it into truth. The Decay of Angels have stolen a page from the Book, and its member aim to run a smear campaign on the Armed Detective Agency to make the public lose their faith in their practice. However, each member is after the Book for a different reason.

In the show, Fyodor has been a thorn in Yokohama’s side. With his dangerous ability to kill someone with a single touch and an eerily calm disposition, he is perceived as an enigma. But his reason for wanting this Book is the most compelling of all. He wants the Book to give up all the ability users in Yokohama. According to him, he wants the Book to eliminate and purify humanity’s sins.

Fyodor even took advantage of Alexander’s ability, A Feast in Time of Plague, to begin an endemic with a poisonous virus that would put members of the Port Mafia and Agency out of commission so locating the Book would become easy on his part.

As per his view, all the special abilities are nothing but sins, and these must be cleansed. His own special ability is brutal, and he doesn’t have qualms about using someone else’s powers for his bidding. He wants to get rid of them.

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