What is known about the fall of a giant meteorite in Colombia

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The mysterious appearance of a huge rock in Barranquilla, Colombia, generated great astonishment among the inhabitants and divided opinions between those who say that the formation comes from space and among those who point out that it is an artificial installation mounted on the spot as a joke.

The roca was found on the morning of this Wednesday, September 8, in the community of Villas of San Pablo, on Colombia. The audiovisual records quickly flooded social networks and went viral after the residents of the area showed their astonishment and fear at the ignorance of the origin of the rock.

According to several Colombian media reports, the phenomenon took place last Tuesday, September 7, 2021, when a glow was seen in the area at night. In addition, the neighbors commented to have heard a strange noise. But it was not until the morning of this Wednesday that the inhabitants of this neighborhood, located to the southwest of Barranquilla, they noticed the strange visit.

As expected, the strange situation caused fear and confusion in the place. In addition, the piece had a large size and on its sides it had some strange recordings, similar to those Egyptian hieroglyphs that increased the uncertainty of Colombians.

It is that the origin of this mysterious rock divided opinions between the inhabitants and Internet users. For some it is an extraterrestrial object, while another sector maintains that it is most likely an artificial installation contradicting the versions that claim that the huge rock fell from the sky. Others say that it is the fall of a meteorite although there are no traces or breaks in the ground as if a real one would leave them.

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Faced with this situation and the commotion it generated in the place, the Colombian authorities are investigating the origin of the rock. What attracted the most attention is the fact of its black color and the strange figures painted in white. Therefore, members of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police to cordon off the area and investigate what the appearance of this strange rock was about. At the moment, there is no official information on the probable origin.

It is that even the most skeptical could have doubted this strange appearance. In social networks is where most varied theories emerged. Those who know, assure that if it is not a meteorite, it may be an artificial installation as were the various monoliths that mysteriously appeared all over the world.

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