What is Luive? The New Social Media Platform Everyone’s Been Talking About

Enter Luive – the new platform in the world of social media, and things are about to change!

Luive is touted as a premium social media platform that aims to connect fans to influencers, models, and celebrities, allowing supporters to stay in touch with their favorite stars through several mediums, such as chats, video calls, and other personalized features. This platform is the only social media app that allows creators, influencers, professionals, and artists to directly monetize their content.

With the help of this app, you can support your favorite content creators along with helping them drive their passion for creating unique content like never before, while combining many other features such as leveling and achievements. This app was created to offer personalized access to internet celebrities, filtered content, and micro-transactions to users.

An Ad-Free Service

Luive is an ad-free service that empowers and connects talented creators such as influencers, artists, gamers, entrepreneurs, cosplayers, bloggers, writers, dancers, fitness experts, and others through subscriptions, unique purchases, and pay-per-view/minute using the site’s native currency: LUIVES.

According to Vlad Bratila, the founder and CEO of the parent company of Luive, International Social Media LLC:

“Luive was designed to closely resemble social platforms such as Facebook in architecture, shareable content, viral posts, likes, comments, direct messages, stories, and feed view, except our service has simply been adapted to be monetizable. With Luive, you can monetize anything and get paid for social media posts, stories, calls, streams, and more. Luive creators are free to post without absurd restrictions; it is a relaxed social network where artists can produce engaging content.”

If you are a verified user of the platform, you can seamlessly promote your talent with SEO-optimized, search-engine-friendly profiles, offering both free and paid exclusive content, and your supporters can find one-of-a-kind collectible items. Under this platform, any verified user can set daily or monthly subscriptions for 24-hour or 30-day access and receive gifts via the platform’s messenger system, live streams, and video calls.

Besides this, the platform also offers gamification features like leveling and achievements, fully-customized UX and UI social networking functions and monetization tools, a referral system offering 5 percent lifetime passive revenue from purchases and earnings, content moderation, a live chat support team, and a lightning-fast account verification system to eliminate ghost accounts, trolling, bullying, harassment, and identity fraud.

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In short, this social media platform works as a typical social media site, with many similar and new features that collectively make it stand out from its competitors.

What are the Different Features of Luive?

At Luive, you can express yourself by creating engaging content for users.

  • Make a Wave

You can make a wave. They are the key to getting paid for social media posts. So, what is a wave? Simply put, a wave can be a photo, video, or text that you can post on your profile.

  • Share a Story

Besides making and posting waves, you can also share a story and charge a custom pay-per-view price for any 24-hour story you upload. It is a medium to make money from your content, regardless of the type. Using this too, you can also set a price per minute for live calls. Luive helps you make money out of your influence and knowledge.

Digital content monetization has never been a concept on social media. This privilege was available only for some until this platform happened. Now, you can earn money on social media like never before with the help of Luive’s monetization features. This platform offers everyone an opportunity to use their skills to make money online, regardless of their interest.

Enjoy Subscription Based Accessing

Luive entertains different kinds of subscriptions for its users.

  • Daily Subscription

Verified users can set a daily subscription price allowing other users to unlock their paid waves and engage in conversations. This subscription is limited to 24 hours only.

  • Monthly Subscription

Verified users can set monthly subscription prices allowing other users to unlock their paid waves and engage in conversations for 30 days.

  • Paid Stories
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Under Luive, verified users can record and upload free or paid stories in the form of photos and videos. This feature is available for 24 hours.

  • Send and Receive Tips

Besides monetizing the content, you can send and receive tops using the app’s messenger system or live streams or video calls.

  • Collectible Content

The buyer can store their content as an in-platform collectible and access it at any time by sorting it into ‘My Collection’. The only restriction here is that you cannot gain the right to download, copy, or use the content outside the platform. This feature ensures that the content remains safe.

  • Earn Passive Income

You can share your referral link with friends, family, co-workers, or external social media networks to generate passive income. Using this, you also get a lifetime 5 percent bonus on your referral’s purchase or withdrawals.

Luive is driven to empower creators as well as communities. Instead of dividing communities, the platform connects them. No matter what you are passionate about, you can be one of them.

The possibilities on this social media platform are endless. If you possess any skill and want it to be converted into paid content, live service, or a profitable business, Luive is the app for you. Each user on this platform has the chance to be a creator and a supporter. In such testing times, when solidarity is more important than everything else, it is a good time to be a part of the platform that connects everyone with everyone, and for good. Make the most of its tools to sell content and show love at the same time.

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Be a part of the Luive community now.  Visit www.luive.com.

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