“What is natural is man and woman”: controversy by law professor who criticized equal marriage

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Students from the University of Envigado, from Colombia, publicly denounced their teacher for criticizing equal marriage during a virtual class. His statement was captured on video and went viral after being disseminated on social networks.

During a law session, the teacher, who is a lawyer, said that he does not accept the union between same-sex couples, but the situation in the professional sphere is different.

“You can take the chacha or the chacho, that’s what the idiot of the Constituent Assembly said, who interpret that, the Constitution prohibits marriage between people of the same gender, but I don’t know who gave him for inventing and every time I mention It makes me angry that you can do whatever you want, less transgress the natural laws, what is natural is a man and a woman that is why God instituted them “said the professor, whose name has not been released.

“When there are two men, something is wrong and if there are two women something is wrong, but the Constitutional Court, which is the wise one, said that you can contract marriage between two people of the same sex. There they, one respects as a lawyer, I as a person do not accept it, but as a lawyer I do. There I was left with a liquidation of a conjugal partnership between two queers and I closed the business; that’s their problem, I don’t have to get into their private life “added.

His statement quickly went viral and his students expressed their disagreement through social networks. “The way in which this man speaks is not adequate to refer to such a delicate subject and less to a community. Nor is it the way to express yourself in a class. What kind of professional training is expected of him? “wrote one student.

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Through a statement, the educational institution rejected the teacher’s statement and stated that due administrative process will be carried out.

“We categorically reject any personal manifestation that affects the dignity and integrity of the human being”, indicated the University Institution of Envigado.

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