What is Nestflix, the Netflix of fake series within series

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Do you remember The Bloodening / El Sanguinariamiento? It is a ‘fake’ film broadcast in a chapter of The Simpsons in which a curfew is imposed on children – because of the adults. The trailer and several scenes from The Bloodening alternated in the footage of that episode, like for example the telenovela All my circuits / All my circuits from the closed Futurama, the Radioactive Man film, etc.

Nestflix, el Netflix de los ’fakes’

But there are hundreds of such examples, such as Single Lawyer, the Scratch and Pike Show, Terrance & Philip’s ‘Asses on Fire’ in South Park, etc. And we can jump from the field of animation to the cinema, and cite for example Simple Jack, the character of Ben Stiller’s character in Trophic Thunder; the Hamlet de Schwarzenegger en Last Action Hero; O ‘Brock Landers’, the porn character that Mark Wahlberg’s character invented in Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterful Boogie Nights, and that in the film appeared in a documentary about Landers and a 70s detective series.

Well, all (or almost all) of these mini-trailers, or mini-series within other series and movies have been compiled in a single website whose name also already participates in the joke: Nestflix.fun. The page, designed by Lynn Fischer, is a tribute to all this content within other content, and houses a growing database that right now goes for 400 titles of a site defined by its author as the “wiki (pedia) doing a cosplay “.


No videos or links

Collecting films from Kevin Smith, parodies and series like Bojack Horseman, the delusional end of Bowfinger with ‘Ninjas with fake bags’ or the mythical ‘Angels with filthy souls’ (the gangster movie Kevin McCallister saw on Home alone) The web is one of those that you enter and have a good time recognizing things from the same front page and looking for others.

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The only downside is that It has no videos, only images (very well chosen) of those fake shows. Not even a link to YouTube, although we also talk about copyrighted content, and as it is right now the author has chosen not to risk it.

Here you have the link: Nestflix.fun


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