What is SkyShowtime and in which regions will it be available?

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New platforms are emerging with increasing regularity trying to find the customers that television lost and that cinema refuses to ignore. Netflix changed the way fictions are consumed and this made several studies such as Disney and HBO They will bet on creating their own platforms to be installed in the market. The latest news is SkyShowtime, which unites two large companies with the idea of ​​competing in the world of streaming.

ViacomCBS and Comcast announced that they were coming together to give life to SkyShowtime and through a statement signed by Dana Strong, one of the directives of Sky, they explained: “Our new streaming service, SkyShowtime, will combine the best of the US and Europe with iconic brands and world-class entertainment for millions of consumers in more than 20 new markets in Europe. “. In this context, Spain appears as one of the territories to which the platform will reach.

So far there is no defined date for the disembarkation of SkyShowtime but it is known that it will be in 2022. “Building on the strengths of the incredible programming of NBCUniversal, Sky and ViacomCBS, and powered by platform technology Peacock, SkyShowtime will provide an attractive poster for the whole family and strong brand recognition in these regions. “, asserted Strong. Andorra, Albania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Croatia and Slovakia are the rest of the countries the platform will reach.

The Mission Impossible saga is owned by Paramount. (IMDb)

It has not yet been reported if it will be marketed in Latin America, where it is already available. Paramount+. This point is important since the platform will include content from Paramount, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Peacock, Universal Pictures and Sky Studios. It has not yet been announced how the type of contracting that the platform will offer will be or what will happen with contracts with services such as Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix where titles are available that would be owned by SkyShowtime.

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Peacock, the NBCUniversal service that could reach Latin America

Taking into account the studies that will be included in SkyShowtime, among which appears Paramount, It seems difficult that it can be seen in Latin America. Spain appears among the countries in which this service will be available Comcast and ViacomCBS since it was not part of the package of European nations in which it landed Paramount+.

In this context, it can be speculated that Peacock, the platform streaming from NBCUniversal, could disembark in the region or join in some type of agreement different from that of SkyShowtime. Peacock has a very valuable catalog where one of the most consumed fictions of recent times stands out, The Office, today available in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico through Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video.


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