What is the dish Chloe prepares in an epic scene from Lucifer

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On September 10, Netflix will add to its catalog the sixth and final season of Lucifer. Despite the wish of the fans, the story starring Tom Ellis comes to an end after the first five successful editions. With a resounding change in the plot, in which the Devil stops being the evil one and takes the place of God, these next chapters became the most anticipated of the platform.

That’s why, to fire Lucifer as it indeed deserves, from Spoiler we find an epic scene to remember. In episode seven of season two, the protagonist begins to notice his love for Detective Chloe and shares with her unique moments, among which is the one in this scene.

Chloe y Trixie. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

During the episode, the character of Ellis is seen enjoying a family moment with Chloe (Lauren German) and Trixie where he also takes advantage of learning about the culinary skills of his co-star. In order to remember her father, Chloe cooks her daughter her favorite dish: the Portuguese sandwich, a sandwich of another level.

How to cook the Portuguese sandwich:


– 1 egg

– 2 slices of sliced ​​bread

– Butter

– Cheese

– Ham

– Mayonnaise to taste


Step 1: with a little butter, you have to heat a pan well.

Step 2: take a slice of bread and cut a circular hole in the middle.

Step 3: place the bread with the hole in the pan to brown it slightly.

Step 4: with the bread already browned, it is time to crack the egg very carefully and place it in the hole in the slice.

Step 5: let the egg cook in the middle of the slice of bread.

Step 6: with the egg already cooked, you have to take another slice of bread to which you can spread butter, mayonnaise, cheese and ham to taste.

Step 7: place the lid on the slice with the egg to close the sandwich.

Step 8: wait for the cheese to melt a bit and enjoy!

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