What is the estimated amount of Luis Miguel’s fortune?

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What is the estimated amount of Luis Miguel's fortune?

Luis Miguel is one of the great Latin celebrities of the last decades for his music and in these years he has returned to the center of attention for his successful series on the streaming service Netflix, which is currently in its second season. The singer had financial problems at different times in his career, but today he can say that he is calm and does not take any risks. What are your fortune numbers?

We can say that the artist had some bad streak years in his career, but none of that has stopped him and he was always accompanied by his millions of fans. In 2018 he resumed the terrain that had been his in Latin America with his bioseries on the platform, where he took us through important moments in his life.

The last major financial inconvenience that was disclosed was the debt he owed to Alejandro Fernández for canceling a concert tour that they were going to give together in 2016. The truth is for the first season of his television show he received $ 5 million, which were intended to complete the payment.

On the other hand, the second installment would also give him better results and it is rumored that he will now pocket close to 15 million dollars. Thats not all, in 2018 he became the singer with the highest number of reproductions on Spotify, registering an increase of 50%. What’s more, Before Covid-19, he appeared several times in cities in the United States, where he received a million per concert.

According to the middle Celebrity Net Worth, Luis Miguel’s fortune is estimated to be about $ 180 million. A figure that it achieved since its inception based on tours and recitals in many countries, worldwide record sales and royalties received from copyrights. This number positions it as one of the richest men in Mexico.


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