what is the meaning of Moiraine’s ring

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The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time they came to Amazon Prime Video last November 19. In this way, we can now enjoy the TV adaptation of the play about medieval fantasies written by the talented Robert Jordan. The story revolves around a group of women who can use magic and among those chosen is the character played by the experienced Rosamund Pike.

The name of the character? Moiraine, who belongs to a feminine organization that possesses a lot of power and is known as the Aes Sedai. She will arrive in the city of Dos Ríos going through many dangers in her adventure with five young people who accompany her on this mission. One of them is “The Dragon Reborn”. What does this mean? This young man will save humanity or be responsible for its destruction.

Different colors and the same organization

During an interview, Rosamund Pike had time to refer to the ring that Moiraine wears in the show and that has aesthetic differences with the same accessory that the character uses in the books. Of course, adapting a story of these characteristics to TV leads to creative decisions that may well differentiate the released content from the original material.

So, the actress talked about the element that has the shape of a snake that bites its tail. “The body of the snake rotates under your finger and the animal bites its tail above the stone”, the interpreter described. This iconography symbolizes “the eternity”. What is the meaning of the jewel? It is the Ajah stone that sorceresses who have something in common with each other must carry.

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The Ajah is what indicates which of the seven divisions of the organization Aes Sedai the bearer of the stone belongs. “And, of course, you can change the stone, for each Ajah, to clearly see which Ajah you belong to depending on the color of the stone the wearer uses.” Moiraine has a stone in her ring that places her in the Blue Ajah which means “Righteousness and justice”. That is the importance of the piece!

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