What is the mobile most demanded by the Spanish, iPhone or Xiaomi?

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Today is September 24. And today the iPhone 13 is officially on sale, Apple’s latest smartphone and its new jewel in the crown, which comes in several models with prices ranging from 809 euros for the iPhone 13 Mini de 128GB to the more than 1.800€ del iPhone 13 Pro Max of 1 Terabyte. But in the Spanish market, Apple awaits a couple of tough competitors: Samsung and Xiaomi.

iPhone, the most demanded in Spain

And it is in this ‘threesome’ of terminals and brands that is where the Top 3 of those that sell the most in our country in recent years appear. According to data from a recent study carried out by idealo.es, today, Apple smartphones are the most demanded phones by Spaniards.

In fact, according to the data collected by the search engine, in 2019 lXiaomi models became the most demanded mobiles in Spain, surpassing the iPhone. On 2020, those of Cupertino surpassed the Chinese brand, although only by 5%. This trend is continuing throughout 2021, and right now it can be said that the iPhone is the most demanded in Spain, although its consolidation will depend on how the new iPhone 13 performs in sales, since between now and December -with Single’s Day, Black Friday and Christmas shopping-, Xiaomi could end the year being number 1 again.

Secondly, Samsung appears to continue to hold its third spot for the third year in a row. And although it is not bad to appear in the Top 3, the author of the Galaxy S and Note is surely wanting to regain the first position.

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Buy a cheaper iPhone

With the arrival of the iPhone 13, the company’s older models begin to reduce their cost. In fact, according to the study conducted by idealo, the price of the iPhone 12 has fallen to € 661.38, “24.76% less than when it came out in 2020 “. The same has happened to iPhone 11, which is priced 29% lower with respect to the launch in 2019. In this sense, according to the projections of the price comparison, if consumers wait a year to buy the new model, they could save about € 225 “.

“Apple mobiles have it increasingly difficult to fight the Asians who together already exceed apple demand”, says Adrián Amorín, country manager of idealo.es. “This dispute between brands has led to a continuous update of models by both parties, which has as a consequence that the devices, with less than a year, already have a substitute”.

“This phenomenon is also helping to lower the prices of older models, allowing you to buy high-end mobiles for much less money, thanks to the idealo price comparison that offers the best prices.”


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