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What is the most expensive Netflix original series?

Netflix understands that to maintain your reputation in an increasingly competitive market you must invest money in new quality content. The streaming giant is a pioneer in the business, but it has to guard its place as a leader through outstanding original productions. For this reason, each year it invests more dollars in producing new films and series, even if some do not obtain the expected criticism or the best reception from the public.

Through the years, Netflix has generated a lot of content with high levels of production, VFX and impressive sequences, with the aim of continuing to captivate an audience that chose the platform as one of the streaming banners. In that context, what is your most expensive series?

The most expensive series on Netflix

The most expensive series of Netflix It does not stand out for great efforts in VFX, but in trying to faithfully reproduce different eras with great production values. Is about The Crown, what does not skimp on luxuries when it comes to telling the story of Queen Elizabeth II Throughout the different stages he lived together with other characters of the Royal family such as Philippe of Edinburgh, Prince Charles or Lady Di.

The Crown is the most expensive series on Netflix. (Photo: IMDB).

The plot of the series revolves around historical events relevant to the political life of England and how they impact Queen Elizabeth II, who must carry out his role as monarch without neglecting the protocols when serving his country while developing his private life with his family in the Buckingham Palace.

The Crown has actors who do a great job in the interpretation of historical characters in their private world with a high degree of realism that even caught the attention of the British Crown. The different times in which the Queen isabel II carried out his obligations are reproduced to perfection with impeccable costumes and locations. It is estimated that Netflix invests $ 13 million for each episode of the series.

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