What is the Reality Of In a Viral Video Christian Nodal Erase Belinda’s Tattoo

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The popular Mexican singer has started a laser treatment in order to remove the tattoo that had been made in honor of his now ex-partner Belinda. In the last hours a video has circulated on social networks where it seems that Christian Nodal goes to a place where micro pigmentation is done to remove with laser one of the tattoos that he dedicates to his now ex-girlfriend, Belinda, just the one that says “Beli” and that is next to one of his ears.


At the end of the video where it is seen that the ink is removed with laser, the one who seems to be the owner of the establishment says in another story the following:

Belinda has been a tattoo inspiration for some of her relationships, as fellow singer Lupillo Rivera had to redo one on his arm after separating from her. And when Nodal started making his own in honor of his ex, people started asking him not to do it because sooner or later they would have to be erased.

So far in their official accounts nothing has been shown about it, so the summary we will have to wait for new photographs of Nodal to be taken to confirm if the tattoo in honor of Belinda has already been completely removed.

The Viral Video is Totally Fake

Hours after the video went viral on social media, it emerged that the person who appears removing the tattoo is not Belinda’s former partner. Even a Univision contributor was quite indignant to learn that there are people willing to take advantage of this breakup.

“Do not be fooled by people who are wanting to take advantage of this break and raise followers, have more likes or get noticed in the middle … This video is fake, that face is not Nodal’s, it does not have the recent tattoo that was made on the face and the ears are different. You don’t take off tattoos that easily, you need at least 3 sessions,” Chamonic said.

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