What is the salary of Tom Ellis, star of Lucifer?

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If you are a subscriber of Netflix, surely you have noticed that among the most viewed content on the platform this week is Lucifer. This comedic drama starring Tom Ellis was rescued by the streaming giant after its cancellation in Fox and finally managed to rebound its figures. Recently, all 10 episodes of the sixth and final season and finally they revealed how the stories of each of the characters end.

But despite its great cast that is completed with the performances of Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt y Rachael Harris, The truth is that the one who stole the hearts of the viewers thanks to his great charisma is precisely his main actor. Tom Ellis plays Lucifer morningstar, the so-called Lord of Hell who abandons his throne to become a civil consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Originally Welsh, this artist has 42 years and rose to fame in 2006 for his participation in the series EastEnders, from BBC One, where he played the Dr. Oliver Cousins. He also stood out in the role of Gary Preston on Miranda, while in the United States he gained recognition for his leading roles in Rush What William Tell Rush and in Lucifer, available globally on Netflix.

It is clear that it is at one of its most popular peaks thanks to the series, but … have you ever wondered how much money you earn from your work? He began to perform as an actor in film and television from 2001. Among all those characters to whom he gave life, it is estimated that he has raised approximately some $ 6 million throughout his career. But your contract in Lucifer, differs widely from the rest.

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According to The Richest magazine, Tom Ellis agreed to receive $ 50,000 for each episode of the sixth season of Lucifer, that is, an average of half a million dollars. Multiplying that figure by all the episodes previously broadcast, the number rises to $ 4,650,000 dollars. Not bad for an actor who promises to continue to grow and dazzle his audience.

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